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L U L U ⚡️  🌈 business engineering 💕 forever in love w/ @remsthenics 🍑 fitness || working for gainzzz

Back& biceps + a part of my shoulders training today - I divided my upper body training in two parts: chest&triceps and back&biceps and I always add one or two shoulders exercises and I work so much better like that
I train my front delts when I do chest&triceps and my anterior delts during back&biceps

Leg day working on my squats & hammies ✖️
Trying to do lower squats, it was an easy thing at 60kg but I need to work at 65 bc I failed for my last 3 reps
I did my hip trusts and I hold them 10sec on each last rep and the burn was real 🔥

Leg day today and I finally reached my goal : 3 reps at 70kg x2
I need to work to do a perfect parallel squat I’m not so far but I’m still a lil bit afraid to go lower 🤷🏻‍♀️
I still don’t understand why I failed at 65 last week, I got new RM for every exercise and I’m happy about it. ✌🏻

Back, biceps and shoulders today ✖️ tired af but it was a great training with a focused mind

✖️Hamstrings & booty today✖️
WU : glutes activation + roll foam
Squats 5x3 from 50kg to 65kg (failed with two reps at 65)
Hip trusts 4x12
Straight leg deadlift 4x12
Single leg legpress 4x12
Push-downs on the assisted dip machine 4x12
Finished with stretching with @remsthenics

Chest and triceps today 💥
My two weaknesses but killed them anyway!
Finally separating chest and triceps and back, biceps and shoulders bc I’m too tired when I’m doing an upper body and I feel like I don’t work anything enough, we’ll see 😈

Consistency 🙏🏻
I wasn’t really consistent these two last months bc of some events : tendinitis, holiday season, exams and so on. Exams was clearly my priority and I did it well 👍🏻 Now I’m back to a normal routine but don’t forget it’s okay to have some breaks sometimes 😌

Need like 5 Guinness before being back at school tomorrow 🙄

Clear in the 95 ⭐️ after 3 months without competition bc of injuries and exams I’m quite happy 😬

Night two 🌶 - hungover af, weird adventures and now being back in Belgium #dublin #ireland #templebar

Night one 💈 #ireland #dublin #citytrip

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