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Almost biked over this guy today. A Lace Monitor at 3' was small compared to the 7' and 45lbs they can grow to. Trying not to irritate the locals, whole lot of flora and fauna I'm not used to. #australia #beauty #lizard #lacemonitor #fauna #potd

On the East face of Mt Rainier coming back down after an all night romp up, Mt Adams in the background. I'm missing these waves, in Oz we have 6-8' swells and the weather is 50-70F not what I call winter, but quite comfortable. With @tntleif and Todd Dohogne.

Things look different here. #australia #beauty

Going to work in cities is never my favorite, but this I might get used to. Left on the 7th arrived on the 9th where did July 8th go? On the way back I'll arrive 3 hours earlier than I left (on the same day). #conundrum #goldcoast #surfersparadise #australia

One good thing about flying through LAX, found at T-shirt shop. How many foreign dignitaries are you pushing around in Europe this trip 45? #ass #45

We started the day only wanting to go climbing and an offer to go rafting was added. It's all gorge normal. We thought that this was going to be the highlight of the rafting trip. Little did we know soon after this we got rolled on Rattlesnake and it held our raft for a number of minutes. Here is @vickyvicti catching some air. #columbiarivergorge #gorgenormal #rafting #rafters #airtime #whitesalmon #whitesalmonriver #jump #jumper #washington #summerfun #riverfun

View across Ingraham Glacier to Mt Adams. Rainier was taking its toll on me here, stove wouldn't light and I got no liquids in coming down. Good to get perfect conditions with a one day push, total 15hrs of moving. Got fried by the sun on recent romps in the mts we were pretty cautious this time; @tntleif modeling his alien look.

Just love getting into my geology. There are so many interesting natural features out there it's often surreal what nature comes up with. First time to this gem, won't be my last. Photo cred @tntleif. #nature #geology #geomorphology #sandstone #rocks #rock #pnw #pnwlife

Bit of a change from my mountain romping last couple weeks. SoCal so hot, only wanted to get out in the dusk. No trespassing signs, chain link fences, power lines. Makes you enjoy the wild. #socal #heat #powerlines #population

Lunch on the rocks, keeping fed and hydrated is important in the process of moving upward. Proud of @pkbunch for punching this out. Thought it was going to be a challenge but like a good Gorge kid she went kite surfing afterward. #gorgenormal

It was a dramatic day on the Mt in many ways. It did not freeze overnight, rocks were cascading off the Steel cliffs and Devils Kitchen and higher pouring ice cubes. @pkbunch Was a trooper and ready to summit. But dad was a bit stressed about all the hazards and turned around. That's Payton getting ahead of me at the bottom of the photo.

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