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Walt  Son of 2 immigrants, life enthusiast..

Reminder: even if she says "it's fine", it's NEVER ✌fine✌.. your only options are get her EVERYTHING she is in the mood for, or be wrong forever...No In Between..

After a 9 month wait the best time of the year is here! #october #octoberfest #OVO #octoberlibra #octoberlibras

Solar Eclipse on my lunch break.. #solareclipse #solareclipse2017

So, a couple days ago @chefresha asked a question on Twitter, and enough people found it entertaining enough that it got noticed by @Buzzfeed. That's kinda dope! Thanks to @chefresha for the RT & @ms_ashmonroe
for seeing it!

So if you got time follow me on there, I'm mildly entertaining, and I try not to cuss a lot.. #ChefResha #Buzzfeed #Twitter #funny #ImNotFamous #ImStillBroke #Nephew #humor #beard

To the 2 people who know me longer than I've known myself.. I can't think of some catchy lyric to a song you guys have never heard of, or some witty one liner to fully express what you guys mean to me. To say that without you guys I wouldn't be here would be a huge understatement. I know that I haven't made it the easiest, and I may have disappointed you guys at times, we had our disagreements, and our fair share of laughs and tender moments. But despite it all, you two have remained the most consistent thing in my life. You guys have been amazing examples of what it is to love God, love each other, love your kids, in-laws, grandkids, and now great grandkids. You have done everything within your power to provide stability, wisdom, guidance, love, discipline *cough* beatings *cough* and a foundation in Christ. You guys are not only my inspirations but also my aspirations.
I may not know how many more of these birthdays I'm going to be afforded to see with the both of you so, I'm going to make it my duty to cherish the moments we have left together, for you guys know what life is like without me, but I have no clue what life is like without you guys.
Happy Birthday Mom & Dad

I Love you! -Your Son

#happybirthday #happybirthdaymom #happybirthdaydad
#haitianparents #haitianbirthdays #bonnefetemaman #bonnefetepapa

Happy Haitian Flag Day to all my Haitians near and far, young and old! #Haitian #HaitianFlagDay #1804 #Zoe #LUnionFaitLaForce

I'm really about to shed a tear like Denzel did in Glory... where has the time gone??!! My little big headed nephew-son is graduating Pre-K and is going to be heading to the real world of Kindergarten already?! I'm super proud of him and can't wait to see him!
#Papi #nephew #graduation #PreK #SoonToBeTheCoolestKidInSchool #SmashAndBash #UncleLove

My cousin Lizzy is 30?! @readysetgoliz Where has the time gone?? Happy Birthday to one of the most genuine, loving, caring and beautiful people I know. You're literally one of my favorite people on this planet and not only do I get to call you a friend but I get to call you family.. Happiest of Birthdays to you Elizabeth Henriquez!! -Walter

On this fine #FBF I've decided to share a gem.. Thanks to @chrisphilly11 (on the left) lol. I've come a LONG way..lol And peep the frames tho! #FlashbackFriday #Throwback #TimeFlies #clarabartonelementary #ThankGodIFinallyGrewIntoMyHead #MyEarsAreStillThatSize #Glasses #KidsWithGlasses #Nerd

Happy Birthday to 1/2 of my nephew tandem of #SmashAndBash. Young #Ezzie turns ONE today! Time has definitely flown by! Continue to grow up to be the happy, fun loving, joyful little person you already are! I pray for nothing but the best in your life! Just know you're always unconditionally loved! Happy Birthday Ezra!
#babies #blackbabies #birthday #happybirthday #nephewsbday #oneyearold #unclelovesyou

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