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Grow Up plays free all day on, here's the beginning of @thejakeseeley's part to get you started, and merry Christmas everybody!

I haven’t spent more time doing anything over the past two years than working on this video, pretty crazy to finally have it out. THANK YOU @mark_burnett @chrischildss @erikelstran @theaaronross @thejakeseeley @brettsilva @garybyoung @thejulianarteaga @jareddunncan @alec_schmalec @sundaybikes, what an experience #sundaygrowup

Second trailer for @sundaybikes full-length video #sundaygrowup

First trailer for new @sundaybikes full-length video #sundaygrowup

Cruising around Providence tonight with @chrischildss #iso6400 #1DXII

Jimmy Levan, 2011. Pretty sure getting Jimmy up on that roof was way harder than jumping the gap was for him, Jimmy jumps gaps in his sleep #jimmylevan #tuck

Jimmy Levan, 2009 #jimmylevan

@hoang69 posted a pic from our trip to Ecuador in 2013 with @brocafloka, figured I'd post another. We pedaled miles across Quito and walked our bikes up the most demanding hills five times before traffic and everything else aligned and we were able to get the shot. Thanks Hoang!

Bald eagle motherfucker!

Good morning


@united_nathan over the ledge to wallride in Mumbai, India in 2012. Nathan went down hard a couple times on this one and took a bunch of skin off his arm and hands, I don't know how he kept trying it but the crowd loved it. Mumbai is the craziest place I've ever been for sure.