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Wally the Bunny  Welcome to the world of Otis, Suki, and me, Molly! 🌈 RIP my sweet Wally Bunny. WallyTheBunnyContact@gmail.com. Snapchat: wallythebunny


Bunnies should not eat succulents but Otis couldn’t keep his little bunny mouth off of them! He uprooted one and I had to leap to its rescue as it dangled from his mouth. Life as a bunny is really hard! They have to hear, “Not for bunnies!” so often. So I just pick him up, smoosh my cheek to his, gently rock him and say, “I know. It’s not easy being a bunny. I know,” and pretend that makes him feel all better. 🙄🙈

“Please, sir, I want some more.” Even though it doesn’t look like his belly could hold much more of anything, Otis wants to know if you would cast him as Oliver if this were his audition?

Bunny tongue alert! 😋

This is from Suki’s Gisele Bundchen phase when she wanted to be a bunny model and was convinced she looked like the Gisele Bundchen of bunnies. Personally, I think she’s right. ☺️ Does anyone agree?

Suki has developed a very strong sense of justice when it comes to equal petting. She will not stand for even one less head pat than Otis. If she’s busy eating hay and I start petting Otis, she’ll notice within seconds and run to us like a charging bull. If she senses the quality of her pets are being compromised because I’m petting Otis at the same time, she’ll ferociously dig in my clothing like she’s asking me to step it up. If I catch Otis alone, I tell him (endearingly!) “Cruella de Vil is coming!” and we huddle together waiting until she announces her arrival with a nose-boop that rivals that of a small rhinoceros. As we all snuggle up, I sing Cruella de Vil in a lullaby version to her because she’s too sweet and precious for anything but lullabies. And then I laugh at myself. 🙄

We’re still here! I’ve been terrible to not post for so long. 😔 Suki, Otis, and I are all doing very well. I just gave the bunnies fresh harecuts (get it? 😆) and can’t wait to take some new photos soon. Otis’s wool is incredibly beautiful and thick. He’s like a sheep. As usual, I have a big post-snippies blister on my finger from the scissors.

Oti wearing his mittens and slippers. ☺️ I wanted to tell everyone how much I LOVED the “When you’re ...” captions from Otis’s flower post. They were so funny! I’m now inspired to improve my own skills. 🤗

My relationship with Suki has changed so much these past few months. She used to back away every time my face came close to her. Now we snuggle together and she practically lets me use her as a pillow. 😆 It is so very possible to build trust with animals and for your relationship to grow stronger. Be patient, follow your pet’s lead, and carefully listen to what they’re “saying” through their body language. (My bunnies can also use their words, but I know not all pets can talk, and that’s okay.)

I’m not good at the trendy captions ... the, “When you’re ...” captions. Like, “When you’re really hungry and have nothing to eat but leaves” kind of caption. See? I’m terrible. 🙄 Please comment with your best, “When you’re ...” caption.

Not the most brilliant photos 🙈 but wanted to post! First photo: I call Suki Little Miss Muffet when she sits like this. And please take note of that perfectly gnawed foot-cubby that Otis made for himself. 😆 Second photo: Otis has always LOVED to squeeze himself behind me and Suki. It’s very funny. Lots of bunnies like small spaces, but he’s a real squeezer. Even if there’s only an inch or two between Suki and the wall, he never fails to try for the squeeze. 😆

Now that Otis is a part of our family, my little Suki girl gets very jealous when I give him even a second of attention more. Yesterday while I was petting him, she hopped over, thumped in his face, and hopped away. 😆 Usually she comes rushing over and nestles right up to share my attention, so I thought this protest was very funny. (Bunnies thump for a variety of reasons, but one is when they are angry.)

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