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Wally the Bunny  Welcome to the world of Wally, Suki and me, Molly! WallyTheBunnyContact@gmail.com. Snapchat: wallythebunny


Suki was wondering if she could be considered the Gisele Bundchen of bunnies? Please vote below. She'll be tallying the results later.

I wrote a love poem to Suki in the form of a haiku while sitting in the parking lot before going into work: Bunny slipper puffs / My little noodle monkey / I love your nosey

Suki's impression of Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden.

Such beautiful flopsies!

She's posing like a show pony. 🦄☺️

I had banana pieces for Suki in this dish. She was too shy to express her love for bananas in words, so she wrote an emoji sentence for everyone to read: 🐭❤️🍌 (Note how she chose the mouse to represent herself rather than the bunny ... I do sometimes call her "my little mouse" because she's so small and fragile. ☺️)

Suki Eats Banana: A Three-Part Series.

Suki made this video all by herself. She knows Wally would be proud. ☺️

Hello from Suki!

Hello from Suki and me! We're still here and we're doing well! I haven't decided about whether we will continue our Instagram journey now that Wally is gone, but for now we will post from time to time. I'm hoping to find a new friend for Suki soon. I know she would really like this. Even when I pretend to be a bunny for her, it just doesn't cut it. I think my nose twitch is too slow. ☺️

Suki wanted to say hi! We always stop to pose for a selfie before it's time to come inside. We all know what Wally would have said after seeing this photo ... "She's the most [comment below if you know the answer] bunny I've ever seen!" ☺️

Suki was thrilled to know there was so much interest in seeing her videos. It's hard to see some of the jumps behind the bushes, but look closely! She wasn't ready to jump in "full public" yet. The second to last jump makes me laugh. Her legs!

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