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Alison  #wallflwr // previously @inftesimals #inftwrites 🌃 Melbourne, Australia • INTJ • original work • repost & kindly credit

my heart knows no boundaries. 💞

I found you. 💛

give yourself the love that you deserve. 💝

you told me once. ✂️

I have loved and lost and I have been lost in love. 💭

love is a gamble. 💔

I am too carefree to stay in one place. 🍃

sounds allow me to form lots of good memories👂🏻what are your favourite sounds?

no-one but you sees the hard work. 🌱

my heart lies in between cities. 🌃

just sit and watch the waves. 🌊

here’s to new beginnings & a full moon with good energy 🌕 I wish that 2018 treats you well. I’ve made a few changes after a period of planning/deciding + new account name (not really, but it’s what I’ve identified myself with for about 10 years now). thank you for your support!

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