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Alison  • "pop off" - Tanisha, Bad Girls Club (2007) • 🖌 @inftesimals •

appreciation post: thx for staying weird with me since high school & killing rap verses together in the car 🔥 catch us in #japan2018 @nardvz #besfren

missing home away from home 💭 my favourite thing about California is looking up every day at dusk 🌴 #aligoestooc

꽃 🌸

surprised J. Lang with tickets to see J. Cole ♥️ #aligoestooc #thanksforfoldingclotheswithme

Saw her for the first time in about 8 months, she remembered and reached out to me 😭💕🐒 #biglittlemonkeys #cousinstakesocal #aligoestooc #iamsammieton

Happy birthday Sammie! 🎂 you bring so much joy to so many all over the world. Not long left til our big reunion 💕 #biglittlemonkeys #cousinstakesocal

always got my 👀 on the 🍟

"I can't put hydrangeas on your cake because they're poisonous" 😭 Blue lavender & gold flakes with matcha raspberry filling. Thank you @quynhvd for an incredible creation!!! 🎂 #quynhscupcakery

it me. styled by me & shot by @nardvz & @jaysayaphoto

Dreamt of going to Japan since I was little, felt like it was out of reach but made it a reality - easily one of the best decisions & trips of my life so far. Won't ever grow tired of the scenery, can't wait to go back.

Lookin calm but this was after I tripped, made a huge gash in my knee & had blood running down my leg 🙃 (by @nardvz). Also I've made an instagram for my written pieces - @inftesimals - it would mean a lot if you could support my work, thank you ✨

Growing up you were the closest thing I could call a sister - I can't count the number of times we were mistaken for sisters and even each other 😂 All of the weekends that I slept over & we stayed up from learning the dances of TLC and NSYNC, to playing all kinds of video games, watching Sailor Moon and laughing at everything. I've looked up to you from a very young age and I couldn't ask for a better role model, so seeing you getting married was an emotional memory of you that I was very lucky to share with you. Congrats and wish you and David all the best in your new chapter together. ❤