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Alison  β€’ ΒΏΒΏΒΏ β€’ πŸ–Œ @inftesimals β€’

Throwback to this heavenly omakase 🍣😭 (though a bit peeved that they didn't provide a new plate after every serving..)

It's A Fine (gloomy) Day on NYD 🌦

Home away from home w/ @benjaminbates_ #aligoestoLA

Nanny duties. β˜•οΈπŸΌ #iamsammieton #biglittlemonkeys #aligoestonola

Happy birthday to my beautiful bestie @___linht. This year has been a bit rough but you've been nothing short of an incredible friend and support. You deserve everything great in this world. Hope you liked the surprise bouquet 🌹 & I feel so honoured for asking me to be your bridesmaid! Another year of our friendship, another milestone for us to share πŸ’• #day1

Ending my 6 week trip to USA with a food adventure & quality time in LA with friends. Thank you to everyone for taking the time out of your schedule to spend it with me. There was something very special about coming back this time; I'm not sure if it was seeing old friends or making new ones & strengthening friendships, everything in between that allowed us to create a lot of memories, or something completely different that words can't really describe. πŸ’› #aligoestola

Her leaning on me is the best and most comforting feeling. πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’#aligoestooc #iamsammieton #biglittlemonkeys

Having a quiet moment with Sammie 🌳 #aligoestonola #biglittlemonkeys #iamsammieton #cousinstakeNOLA

I don't like being embarrassed or embarrassing others, but apparently these friends don't approve my appreciation of dabbing. #aligoestola #harrypotterdab #gryffindab

17:00 πŸŒ‡ #aligoestonyc

Blue Angels x Golden Gate Bridge πŸŒ‰ #aligoestosanfran

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