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Jonathan  Believe in ya flyness, conquer ya shyness

It’s spicey out here y’all.

You make every day worth living. Thank you for this day and everything it means.

This trail was so fun. #raddad #meandmygirls💕


Had 1 too many. Passed out on me.

Slidin into ya dms like:

Welcome to the team, Dadillac. Many family adventures to come.

Shortly after @wavymitch sailed this, I was attacked by a spider and basically hulkamania’d my shirt while having a small seizure. Life is good.

Sat with Dad, had a beer or 3, and scouted out every corner of the joint for scraps. Hit the scrap pot a couple times. The pizza tickled my fancy... Real trashy in this neck of the woods; but I love the people here. A couple of older cattle dogs came to visit, they were grumpy old bastards— so I broke the ice and bought em a beer. Turns out they were just thirsty and forgot their manners at home. Couple beers in and they both sniffed my butt, so I knew we were cool after that.

No bad days 🤘🏼

@noralouweasel is doing summer nights the right way. ❤️

Lil punk rocker 😎

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