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WalktoPalestine  Hi! My name is Benjamin and I do journeys to raise awareness about human rights issues. Currently in the US talking Palestine. Send me a message!

I had a great time in Dundee today and I want to thank everyone that came to the event tonight, it was a pleasure meeting all of you.

Tomorrows talk will be in Glascow at the university, 6:30pm, Boyd Orr Building, 120 University Avenue,
G12 8QR. Room 412 (Lecture Theatre B)

Hope to see you there


Yesterday i kicked of my UK tour with my first lecture in Aberdeen. I'll be here for about a month giving talks on Palestine and activism and I hope to connect with many new people in the movement so we can do big future projects together.
At the airport the police interrogated me under the terrorism act and wanted to know everything about what I was going to do here. I'm not sure if it was because I'm flagged in this system aswell or if it was because i had some stamps from the middle east in my passport. They asked me some stupid questions like "if anything happened during my walk to palestine" I asked him back if anything happend during his previous eleven months. It didn't take more then 40min this time until they let me in though.

Todays lecture will be in Dundee so if anyone happens to be around Scotland then feel free to stop by.


This was the first talk I did about Palestine on my walk. It was in Sweden with a high school class outdoors. Their teacher had heard I was in town for the day and gave me a call asking if I wanted to talk to his students about Palestine and what I was doing.

Now I've held lectures all across Europe, the Middle East and the US. My next tour will be in the UK starting in roughly two weeks.

I'll give a talk in

If you want me to come by your city then just send me a message and help me organize something with your local community.


Finally back home in Sweden. I did a slightly jet-lagged lecture today in Malmö. I'll spend December trying to organize and book lectures in the UK and Canada, any help with that is much appreciated!


Today is the international day of solidarity with Palestine and it's also my final day in the USA. I've been here for three months now and I've given over forty talks in eighteen states and spoken to over a thousand people.

Ofcourse I intend to continue on working for human rights and trying to raise awarness on the atrocities being commited in Palestine and elsewhere so that they one day can stop.

I belive raising awarness is important and so I'm going to continue on my speaking tour. The upcoming countries I will be visiting are

Turkey - January
The UK January - February
The US - March
Canada - April

If you want to help me in these projects then you can support me through my new fundraiser and help me spread it so i can afford all the travel, food, accomodation etc.

You can also help me with connections in these countries. I'm doing all the organizing myself so all the contacts that can help set up events in these countries help out tremendously.

Finally i think today is an especially important day to ask yourself what you can do for the things you belive in. Being aware of injustice is not enough. You can be the most intelligent, enlightened and aware person on earth but it means nothing if you do nothing. Action changes things and today I want you to ask yourself what concrete steps you can and will take to help make the world you want to live in come into being.

Today I did three talks at the AMP conference in chigaco and the most amazing talk by far was with these 100+ kids.

Having almost finished my tour in the US I'm looking forward to the next step in my journey which will be raising awareness in the UK and Turkey.

I quit my job last year in order to do full time activism and haven't had an income since so if you would like to support the work I'm doing and help me with the costs for the upcoming speaking tour I created a fundraiser at



Had the absolut pleasure of meeting the incredible Ilan Pape at the AMP conference In Chicago. He's an amazing person/hisrorian/activist. He and a few other were granted access to some of the documentd the Israeli state is hiding in its archives regarding its history and with the help of these wrote what is now an essential book on Palestine called "the ethnic cleansing of Palestine"
If anyone is interested in learning about Palestine and what really happend in 1947-1948 you have to read this guy. He's written several other excellent books as well that every activist and person interested in Palestine/the Middle East should read. Knowledge is power.


I want to thank the @unionofpalestinianwomen_ that hosted me a few days ago for their fundraiser to people in need in Palestine. They do amazing work so make sure to follow their page.

Yesterday I did a talk at the university of Oregon, and now I'm on my way to Chicago for the AMP conference. I'm really hyped for this conference, people like Ilan Pape and Miko Peled are going to be there so make sure not to miss it.

The biggest national students for justice in Palestine conference in history is taking place in Los Angeles this weekend. There is over 500 people here all dedicated to human rights and working towards ending the illegal occupation of Palestine. It's truly inspiring being around so many activists working in one of the most important countries to do activism in.

My speaking tour in the US is almost finished and I'll be coming home to Sweden in two weeks. I really miss my family and friends so it's going to be great seeing them again.

I've done over 30 lectures in the US and spoken to over a thousand people but the work is far from done. Next two destinations is Turkey and the UK. I'm still looking for more connections in the UK to help me organize the next speaking tour which will happen in January and February.


In case you missed it, today 151 countries voted to condemn Israels illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan heights with only two countries voting against it, Israel and the US.
Israels Ambassador to the UN tweeted that "it's time the world distinguishes between those who stabilize the region from those who sow terror"

Apparently he thinks that illegally occupying other countries territory and trying to annex them is stabilizing.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said "The Golan is part of Israel and it will always be"

Netanyahu said in a speech that "Israel in the Golan Heights is a guarantee for stability in the surrounding area," Apperently he thinks the occupation of Syrian territory is stabilizing. Even as Syrias ambassador to the UN threatened Israel to take back the Golan either by Peace or war.
Today I'm in LA at the students for justice in Palestine conference. Outside there are some pro-israel people holding signs saying that the SJP are terrorists.
I'm reminded of when Israels minster of education Naftali Bennet said that Palestinian children are terrorists and that he would instruct the army to shoot and kill them if they crossed the border fence in Gaza.
Or the time when Knesset member Oren Hassan said on BBC that Ahed Tamimis slap was an act of terror.
Somehow some people think that occupation is peace and that human rights activists are terrorists.

The picture is from Gaza when Israel bombed a pharmacy a few days ago.
War is peace
Ignorance is strength
Freedom is slavery


Today I'm talking in Sonoma. I did a talk yesterday at USC and met a really inspiring guy @georgezeidan that's been running marathons for Palestine. There are so many ways of raising awareness and we're not limited as activists to just walk from point A to B shouting some slogans. There's nothing wrong with demonstrations but there's so much more we can do.

This morning I woke up to the news that Avigdor Lieberman resigned as minister of defense in protestor the ceasefire with Gaza. Apparently it was to much for him to not escalate the violence and carry out more bombings.

Tonight I'll be doing my third talk on the west coast. Yesterday I talked in Sacramento and you can see the smoke and smell the fire that's raging a couple of miles north. So far nine people have died in the fire and a quarter of a million people have been forced to flee their homes across California. It's horrible. This is probably just a taste of what's to come however if we don't stop global warming. Last summer in Sweden was the hottest summer since we started measuring temperature. To address this we need to tackle money in politics and stop the fossil fuel lobby from dictating policy. This is also connected to Palestine because as long as we let powerful lobby groups leverage policy with money then we see the continuation of suicidal environmental policy edged on by big oil companies and the continued support of the occupation through the different Israeli lobby groups.
Watch how the Israeli lobby works on AL Jazeera new documentary that recently leaked. They sent in an undercover reporter that secretly filmed inside conversations and exposed some interesting things about the inner workings of the Israeli lobby.

#walktopalestine groups like the Israeli lobby making sure the US support for the occupation continues and

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