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WALK THE MOON  <+> on tour summer 2 0 1 8 dates + tickets >>>

we are VERY excited to be joined by the handsome and talented @coin in omaha, KC, and indy.  they'll be there, we'll be there... will you be there?
tickets >>> link in bio

FYI the lyric "i'm a kamikaze" came to us instinctually on day 1.  but then sometimes, a month later, you get the bright idea that you can beat the first instinct lyric.  we spent all day trying to come up with something better and got NOWHERE #trustyourinstincts #kathyleeandhoda #kamikaze

shortly before sheriff brown busted us for using the drone. joshua tree, 2017.

wooooooooo cut #woocut
kamikaze vid in bio
🎥 x @jenrosenstein

so so so stoked for summer - tons of shows with @30secondstomars and a healthy smattering of headline shows as well. come dance with us.

honored to have met and played with this handsome legend last night. after stealing his lyric to name our band many years ago, we are still so inspired by him and his music.

we’re definitely for sure not opening for Sting tonight
except we are tho...

holy shit 1MM views thank you thanks thx woww

in America, LGBTQ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than their non-LGBTQ peers.
today we’re spreading awareness + sending out a massive love vibration.
check out @truecolorsfund #TrueColorsDay

kamikaze v i d e o
out now

⠀ happy earth day. take care of mama, we’ve only got one <🌍>

it’s not about the crown, we can share the kingdom <+>
watch full video for kamikaze
link in bio
35mm by @amy.j.gardner

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