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Societal pressure to snap back after a baby is SO real!
This isn't an instagram-worthy pic, but I'm using it per illustration. I am three weeks post-partum here. George was a month old on Friday.

And yesterday, someone told me that I'm fat. Just like that, while rubbing my still somewhat bloated stomach. "With Lea, you shook off the weight so much faster, but now you're still fat." I wanted to cry.

A) with Lea, I didn't go full-term; b) I stressed all that weight off, having a newborn in NICU and an ill mother; c) I ate sooo much more - mostly jelly teddies or enerjellies with George. Also, I couldn't give a fuck about exercising - I had another baby to run after. And I'm still eating a lot more now.

Why is there this expectation that you must have a thigh-gap and abs straight out of the delivery room? Why can't I just have a few extra kilos and enjoy my portly, MOTHERLY body? I just had a child, for fucksakes.
Yes, I cannot wait to get back to the gym, but I - like many other mothers - had major abdominal surgery and it still hurts to walk certain distances. And fuck it, I am still a little tired.
Let mothers be. Let them lose the weight in their time. Or not at all, if they like. We're only human, after all.

Upon the palms of my hands, I have written your name ~ Isaiah 19:16

~ F A T H E R & S O N ~

A love that is bigger than the sky

Cut from the same cloth 💕🐻


No two people are the same and this couldn't be more evident in how different the first few weeks were between my children.

I saw a glimpse of Lea when she was born, I could hold George immediately. Hours spent in the ICU, constantly checking the monitors, the bloodtests, the feeds, being discharged from and readmitted to ICU vs coming home after two days in hospital. For two weeks teaching her to latch on a formula-bottle vs him immediately latching on me.

I am sad that I couldn't form the most natural bond with Lea, but I am so grateful for the happy, spontaneous and healthy little lady she is today. I hope her brother will, like her, find the joy in the little things. #worldbreastfeedingweek

A moment in time

Vroeër die week. As albei mens babas slaap, dan kry baba nommer een bietjie sonskyn en aandag.

It's 4:35 am stares and smiles, because baby boy is learning and is intrigued by his surroundings. It's soft coos and exploring hands. It's looking into his eyes and counting his tiny little fingers, whispering that he should never hold back and follow his dreams. It's having him use you as a human pacifier. It's nodding your head a hundred times because you're tired, but he is still feeding. It's cuddling his small frame in your arms, wishing that time would stand still. That is love. 🐻

So perfek 💙

"Boetie", sê Lea

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