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Wails Worety  Denton, TX This is why my body is quitting before my spirit is willing to. . . . wallflowermanagement.com/boy_portfolio.php?id=47


Against popular beliefs the story of Three Blind Mice was actually about "Three Blind Rats" that were very young. These foolish rodents, named Moe, Larry, and Curly, were known for their stooging antics, and it would be their down fall. You see one day while running around in the sewer under a chemical factory the slapstick actions they enjoyed so much caused each one of them to go blind in a series of hilarious but unfortunate events..

One day I woke to this little "Bloody Moon Spider" patiently waiting on the pillow next to me to be noticed. You see he had stumbled upon my small abode, and noticed I had a rather annoying fly problem. Me, having hated flies my whole life, saw this small hungry fly hunter looking for an opportunity to get a good meal for once and have a roof over his head for a bit, so I invited him to stay before he could even asked. Now over the years we've moved a couple times, but he always stays by my side to kill and eat the things I hate most in this world...flies.

This little guy is one of my oldest and favorite pieces I've made then reworled. He's "The Shy Masquerader" but was suppose to be three other things before this happened.

Don't mind the awkward hands cause my mustache game has been on point lately!
Photo cred: @emilycramerr

1. I don't live in a trap house anymore? And my efficiency is dope as fuck, get outta here with all that. 😅
2. Agreed, it's something I've been working on for a ling time, but when I get drunk I forget and never shut the fuck up..
3. One of these days the few friends I have that always ask for nudes are gonna get a small portfolio of shit they never wanted to see..
4. Bush wasn't that smart, maybe someone in his cabinet tho.
Keep the weird coming y'all.

Don't know why but I never post finished work online, so this is Freeza The Prehistoric Predator. It's acrylic on canvas with a bit of prismacolor.

Like I said, be mean to me!

Got a dope Oak St Draft House tank today!

1: Yes, I'm poly and I feel like that kinda comes with the territory.
2: I don't remember going to many art festivals, so that kinda narrows it down. But I also don't remember a lot of things period so...😅
Thank you tho, hit me up sometime if you get the motivation.

I don't think I could pick a single album or song, but K.Flay is probably the most relatable/enlightening artist I listen to. Everything from Eyes Shut to Everywhere Is Some Where kinda speaks to a different time in my life. She's dope as fuck!

Out here with art and beats. Come vibe and drink some beers with us.

Got my tank tops in on Sunday! This is the first of a three piece series about a simple man named Herman Eggman. There will be a forth that has all three with his story on the back. They're $20 hand to hand and will be $25 once my online store goes up, so get at me in my dms you beautiful mofos!

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