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◌ Wai Lana  World renowned Yoga teacher & Padma Shri award winner. Sharing Yoga wisdom, Healthy lifestyle tips & Personal insights.


“It always seems impossible until it's done.” –Nelson Mandela

Do you know that it’s actually a myth that a good sunscreen is enough to protect you from the sun?

It is best to try and remember to also wear a hat, use an umbrella, sunglasses, or protective clothing if you plan on being outdoors for a long time.

Sometimes my head leis are so huge that I laugh and call them my hats!

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
–William Shakespeare

I was trying to decide which bag to use for my show.
Which one do you think I ended up using?

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

You couldn’t quite see how amazing these were in the previous post so they are getting their own post here 😊 They are filled with so many yummy goodies, I wouldn’t even know where to start! I think these have been the most popular ‘prop’ so far, all the crew were calling out dibs on having one!

Sitting on the beach with friends eating fruity sundaes made this a very easy day of work!

There are so many benefits to walking, including managing various health conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also help improve your mood and your balance and coordination. So let’s not forget to get up and go!

Dear friends,
If you’re worried about your New Year’s resolution, try not to stress about what you may want to give up. Rather, focus on the positive things you can easily add to your life: exercise, meditation, more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and getting plenty of sleep. Bad habits are like darkness, the only way to make them go away is by turning on the light.
Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and all the best in 2018!
Wai Lana

There is something so special about being up early enough to see the sunrise!

Spinach pesto is a really easy way to get lots of greens into a small serving!

I had all this fresh spinach to use up and cooked it down and blended it with some parsley, basil, and roasted cashews. Super yummy and it goes with so many dishes! Like a topping for these little vegetable quiche pies.

On this special, auspicious day, the birth of Jesus Christ, may we always remember his love, devotion, and teachings.
Let us hold his message of love in our hearts each day.
Wai Lana

I don’t often see these dahlia flowers growing in Hawaii, but I came across these ones while shooting one of my new Wai Lana Insights shows.

They are so colorful!

It is so important to find quiet time to be alone. Being introspective helps us gauge our progress towards our goals, reflect upon and learn from our mistakes, and consider areas where we can make improvements in our attitude towards life.

“Each day, as the sun rises, remind yourself that you are yet again given another chance to improve on yesterday.” — Anonymous

I’m teaming up with my friends to share the gift of yoga.
Want to join in?
Check a couple of posts back!

This is one of the poses from my Yoga for Everyone DVD set.
Have you nominated a friend to win a free copy? Check my previous post for details.

Yoga is for everyone!
Do you have a friend who has not yet experienced the great benefits of a yoga lifestyle?
I have 10 “Yoga For Everyone” DVD sets I’d like to give away - let’s team up and start someone on their yoga journey. Is there someone you’d like to give this gift of yoga to? Tag them below (one friend per comment)!

My friend caught some pigeons for me to release during filming my new show “Wai Lana Insights”. But I looked at them and thought they were more likely to attack my head, than fly away when I tried to release them!
So I asked my friend to get me some cute little birds from the pet shop.
Then I found out it's illegal to release them in Hawaii because they wouldn't survive! So I just opened the door and pretended to let them go… so where are they now?
Swipe right to see where they ended up!

Physical or emotional stress comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it creeps in little by little and then peaks, and at other times it can hit you over the head like a ton of bricks, or at least feel like it! See my recent Tip for Healthy Living at wailana.com/lifestyle for some practical solutions to free yourself from tension’s grip.

“The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful even if no one bothers to look at it.”
― Gene Amole

The easiest way to make big lifestyle changes is to pick one or two things at a time that you want to work on or change, and implement them for 2 or 3 weeks so that the body begins to get used to new habits. Be it sleep, diet, posture, working habits, relationships, or the way we process the challenges we face… no one ever changed the world in one day. Make a plan for yourself that’s do-able so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Pretty view! I have been filming under this tree on and off over the years. Standing under it again makes me think of the line from my
Little Yogis song, “Let me be kind like a tree.”

Salute to the Sun is a wonderful series of exercises, comprised of seven asanas performed in a particular sequence, combined with yoga breathing. Watch the video featured at wailana.com/yoga for instructions.

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