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🅻🆄🅻🆄  It’s your Asian girl Lulu. 📧email• dm for work enquiries 🆃🆆🅸🆃🆃🅴🆁 •🆂🅲 @wahlalulu

Thanks to my best friend Raphael who can legit take pics of me showing all of my teeth like an idiot.

What’s up ma boiz!!!! I’ve been like a slug and staying up at night playing pubg and getting up at 12pm🙃 but GUESss WhAt BrUh! I need to change that, dragged my ass up at 8am to go gym today cuz I really wanna make some changes to my body this year!!

I had a dream last night, my boyfriend was like a classy, well-off white celebrity ( Tom Hiddleston that you?) and him be looking CUTE aAf 💦🍆and I was an average asian girl HAGGLING in A THRIFT STORE THAT TRIED TO Sell Me 5 thIngs for $916 hahaha dafuq(๑•̆૩•̆) Then I woke up and realized: everything was accurate except for the celeb part
👄Lips: Kylie Lip kit in Pumpkin + CPB lip gloss (FIND ANYTHING ELSE that’s like iridescent and pinky would work!)
👀 Eyes: Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette (or smash any browns on lewl) ✨Highlight: Mac Extra Dimension thingy in Double Gleam 🙉Psss my lashes are all from AliExpress so yee heheh

So I bought some stuff from @fashionnova AND NO IM NOT SPONSORED vzxnxbMb! I heard a lot of mixed things about them and lemme just say for the itty bitty titty committee girls out there SiZE DoOwn!!! The models on the site have huge bOObies and gIRl!! I don’t have those and I got size M and my nips are slipping BIG TIME! PLEASE IGNORE MY PLASTIC BAGS IN THE BACKGROUND 🤧If you don’t mind nip slipping it’s fine tho ;)) more outfit pics com1ng yo way ♥️🦋

Good old question: if you can keep one makeup product on an island, what would it be?😈

I really wanna know where are you guys from again? Hello to the new peeps (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

Absolutely suck at Mario Kart😭🆘


Find the eyelash on my leave (◕‿◕✿) Ayaaaa I’m almost finished with Korean Odyssey and man WHY ARE RECENT K DRAMAS SO SAD??!!! I just want some cheesy kissing scene and happy endings ヽ(´□`。)ノ also I was thinking maybe I should buy like one pair of high end lashes, checked how much lily lashes in Miami are.....NZ$70 for one pair?!!? Those lashes better make my eyelids look even, do my housework and finish my assignments tysm.
Contacts are “Queen Grey” from @ttd_eye *yo girl has a discount code “wahlalulu”, save or not save, up to you٩۹◔̯◔۶*

Time spent in fitting room: 95% taking pics + 5% trying clothes 🦋

Ya girl can’t post cuz I only brought one outfit back to China :)))) outfit for mamaland 🇨🇳

Have you guys seen Jumanji? It’s hella crackup I loved it!! What’s your recent fav movie??

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