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this account is dead  jac trash

guys im still alive, i actually forgot about this account for a while oops -

@jacspamz CONGRATS ON 200 AHHH IM LATE #protectjkt

i am not dead. just memer's block and procrastination #protectjkt

omg im back #protectjkt

i wish i had a face that looked as good as this #protectjkt

okay. i know i use this picture too much. but how can a human be so cute like wow why cant i look like this #protectjkt

I met @wafflespamz today and got a hug, I'm very proud #protectjkt

wATER IS GOOD FOR YOU #protectjkt

when someone calls them "she" #protectjkt

sUper aCCURATE #protectjkt

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