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Another era  ~「Artificial flowers of wilderness」~ ★彡 |I draw sometimes, eh.

Can y’all be nice to this OC I made as a joke, plezz ;(.

This is kinda old but I have nothing else to post sOy I mean.

Du Takashi is such a goo ref also asymmetrical art is the best, right¿¿¿ I had to go with the flow (*sings Qotsa “Go with the flow”) anyways cause yey the mouth was a mistake and was meant for a diff ref (with a diff angle) but I was also looking at another ref at the same time so I mean.

Ï tried drawing Takashi Mizutani and I kinda like my own art for once.

I wanna redraw this trash and yey I was inspired by Giriboys Mechanical album cover as you can C lol.

Some “real art” um this is a drawing inspired by an ethereal song, “Duvet” too good. They remind me of The Cranberries but better ¿¿¿ anyways I have to stop posting pen drawings.

Quick redraw of that sec pic

I need to practice more so I can (watercolor) paint like this again smh
- -

Another repoSt blehhh.

Yeah Ik this is old.

Some mediocre sketches, eh.

Not surprised that I haven’t finished this yet, this style is meh.

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