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4teen♥️🤪  Personal acc Edit acc @jahh_bxby

“Baby I just wanna show things , could I be different?”🤕💔

“You could be that one,aye”🖤☺️
Wcw to myself 🤧

“I just want to see how beautiful you are “♥️😋

Since I got nothing to post this week🖤😂

Just look at her!!ahhh💘💕💞💓💗♥️😓 She’s all I can ask for like wow🤩♥️!
All the posts is to appreciate her a bunch !! 😩💘Much love @fraxxie2 :)

Beautiful!!:))😩💘that’s my bestfriend !!get u a bestfriend like her but not mine tho !!😚😒💘

Since i love her more 😤♥️

“Listen to my heart go”♥️😫 Wcw to my self since I am no ones 🖤😕

“I’ve should let you know,that your my only” 🖤😓

“The pieces of my life run away with you”🖤

Much love for the wonderful texting buddy 😫💞💘🤤no sharing 😂she’s minezzz😂💗


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