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w34ponx  Ain't no thing like me, except me

The @callofduty #CWLChamps was in Columbus Ohio this weekend. @evilgeniuses took the whole thing. What a great event @mlgofficial please come back!

Had a cool opportunity to see @manchesterunited vs @liverpoolfc over the weekend. Such an awesome experience #ManU #liverpoolfc #internationalchampionscup #thebighouse

Extremely successful trip to Chicago for @wwenxt #TakeOverChicago. Got to stop by the pro wrestling Ts store and have some bomb ass pizza. Until next time chi town ✌🏽❤️

Man it felt so good to be back in Baltimore yesterday. Chilly day for a ball game but an @orioles W made it all worth it. #orioles #mlb #birdland

I been absent from IG for a while but this looks like a good time to come back. This weekend was a fucking blast we had too much fun in #NewOrleans @wwe #wrestlemania34 #wrestlemania #wwe.

Came home hype as fuck to see this @wwe championship waiting for me until @deadleft86 pointed out it was defective. Contacted wweshop and they are sending a tracking label to return it (which I already received). Good customer service. Hopefully the next one isn’t fucked up too. #wwe #championsclub

#Austin TX was a blast! Def will be coming back.

“7am in Germany. Can’t believe that they’ve heard of me” it’s finally over. Headed home this morning. 195 days door to door. Let’s get 2018 started. #deployment #cominghome

I cannot believe I’m 6 days away from leaving and 8 days away from being home. This deployment has been the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. Lots of downs not many ups but I couldn’t have done with without this beautiful woman by my side. @idontlovethat I love you more than anything and thank you for being there and putting up with my crazy for the past 6.5 months. 2018 is going to be a huge year for us and I can’t wait to come home and get started. #deployment #deploymentsucks #usaf #cominghome oh and I can’t wait to see my mutts...

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