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ALLI  “Everything’s a risk not doing anything is a risk it’s up to you to decide what to do”

- joana ceddia -
Please tag her @ewww_its_joana
Dt- @ewww_its_joana

- Maddy and Olly -
Ac @kuteaudios -
I really like this except the glitches at the beginning

Demigod camp rp
Comment who you want to be the child of and fc
G1:(ME) Lexi fc @joeyking daughter of Poseidon
G2: @epicxtvd
G3: @mystiicwaldorf
B1: @vervainropes
B2: @malecxgillies
B3: @mystic.aus
G1 x B2
G3 x B1
G2 x B3

The true HBIC
Dt: @epicxtvd @brookesmalia
Ac: DK
This is my first edit in forever and is really messy and not smooth at all

Last saved sad edit
Credit to owner

Last saved plot twist edit
Credit- @caseysfilms

Last saved hot edit
Credit- @tabbys.editss

Last saved soft edit
Credit- @siredtomickey

Last saved friendship edit
Credit- @wistful_edits

Last saved ship edit
Credit- @mxndized

Last saved male edit
Credit to @elodieseyerolls

Last saved female edit
Credit to owner

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