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ALLI  “Everything’s a risk not doing anything is a risk it’s up to you to decide’’

G1- @blackendbeauty
G2- @lili_rcinhart
G3- (ME) Lexi fc @sarasampaio
B1- @mads_petsch
B2- @ricksdead
B3- @wizmalfoy
B2 x G3
G2 x B3
G1 x B1
Rp credit - @multi___rp

Plot: in a town full of secrets these 6 people have the biggest
Gracie:( @hannahsrps )is in a relationship with her teacher who’s 5 years older than her she has to hide everything from her Parents so they don’t find out about her relationship with Luke
Luke : (@voidchoni ) the teacher is very protective over Gracie but can’t do anything for obvious reasons he always lets Gracie stay at his house if she needs to and cares for her
Camryn :(ME) fc @perrieedwards she is new to the town and had to move because of her bullies blackmailed her and starts having feelings for Jake
Jake: (@wizmalfoy ) the bad boy he always skips school until camryn arrives and he starts coming everyday just to see her and he bumps into her on purpose he is the leader of a gang but doesn’t won’t camryn to know
Lexa: (@bettysmadworld ) she has to take care of her two sisters because her mom and dad are always drunk and don’t help but she’s always afraid they will do something to her sisters when one day she decide her and her sister shave to leave she gets all of their stuff and leaves and runs into John and John lets them stay at his house
John: a police officer he has a dark past that no one knows about but when he meets grace his life changes for the good of it he lets her and her sisters come live with him and feeds them and allows them to stay for a awhile
Gracie and Luke
Camryn and Jake

Pll rp-
Spencer- @sterolxne
Hanna- @rpsbyhannah
Emily- @princesskru
Aria- @_siredtobetty
Alison- @emalinesucks
Oc girl-(ME) Lexi fc @perrieedwards
Ezra- @siredtonewtmas
Toby- @siredtoisaac
Jason- @iconicfriar
Toby and Spencer
Ezra and aria
Alison and Emily
Jason and oc girl
Hanna and Caleb

Plot- Kinda like the show Emaline is with Oliver, and are the bad kids of the school and can be rude. Kate is the quiet girl who is dating Luke. Kate breaks up with Luke after getting feelings for Emaline. Oliver cheats on Emaline with (OC GIRL 1) and Emaline finds out and goes to Kate upset even tho she used to be a bitch to her. And Emaline kisses her after Kate makes her feel better. Luke becomes friends with someone else and eventually falls for them (OC GIRL 2)
Emaline- @emalinesucks
Kate- @siredtonewtmas
Oliver- @_siredtobetty
Luke- @lexiprivatee_
Oc g1 - ( me) Lexi fc @perrieedwards
Oc g2- @iconicfriar
Ending ships-
Emaline and Kate
Oliver and oc g1
Luke and oc girl 2

Shadow hunters rp
When a starnge girl shows up at the institute and ends up being Izzy and Alec’s sister how will they react
G1- me fc @perrieedwards Lexi Izzy and Alec’s sister
G2- @originalswolves
B1- @wizmalfoy
B2- @originalswolves
Simon- @planetofmarvins
Jace- @queenisa_
Clary- @multi.fandom.9
Izzy- @brookesmalia
Alec- @ofherthuglife
Magnus- @shadowbvnd

Gang rp
Plot : Lexi was walking home one night and walked down a alley and gets jumped when a leader of the city’s most dangerous game comes and saves her how will her life change when they start having feelings for each other
G1- me fc @perrieedwards
G2- @somefunrps
B1- @chemicalcabello
B2- @klefansalvatore
Gang members-
B3 leader - @wizmalfoy
B4- @eggos_for_joshler
G3- @hybrid.au
G4- @planetofmarvins
G1 x B3
G2 x B2
G4 x B1
G3 x B4

- Bucky Barnes -
Credit to owner

Teen wolf rp
Scott- @tribalizingx
Stiles- @wizmalfoy
Malia- @lxcrabtree
Lydia- @rpsbyhannah
Derek- @coltonskanima
G- me Lexi fc @perrieedwards
Oc and Derek
Stiles and Lydia
Scott and Malia

- my fave riverdale characters-
Credit- @nostalgiclodges

Hs rp
G1- ( ME) Lexi fc in chat shy new to the school
G2- @multi.fandom.9
G3- @lxcrabtree Loren 16 ,popular really sweet fc @loren
B1- @lydblossom
B2- @siredwesleys
B3- @brycegheisarworld
Comment a name FC and age and stereotype
Ships -
G1 x B1
G2 x B3
G3 x B2

- jack Dawson -
Credit- @r.osarium

- my fave avenger -

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