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New frontiers of the mecha yokai!

Poor wasted baby Namazu

This guy is just perfect.

A farewell to arms

Dungeons&Dungeons sets are right now in @jmrampage shop. Go grab one! Design by @goodboygraphics , sculpts by me and sofubi magic by Rampage himsef! They come in a set of 7 unpainted figs, rules, character sheets, an upgradable map and some rad illustrations! All you need to waste one night. 🍻

DUNGEON CREW. 🕸🍸🔗🗡🏹🛡⚔⚰🔮🗿🏛🌑☄🌪☦🔱

Soon! Dungeons&Dungeons 1st release from the evil minds of @jmrampage, @goodboygraphics and me. Check Rampage shop/blog for the 1st and last sofubi table game!

Gold (gold) 
Always believe in your soul 
You've got the power to know 
You're indestructible 
Always believe in, 'cause you are 
Gold (gold) 
I'm glad that you're bound to return 
Something I could have learned 
You're indestructible, always believe in...

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