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Wael Al Sayegh  Honouring The Devine by Journeying Inwards Towards Unity, Integrity & Love Through the Diligent Practice of Martial Arts, Physical Culture & Writing.

"To be free from the prison of definitions, be outrageously, audaciously you" @scott_sonnon

You may oppress us, unfairly and unjustly rule over us but we are free. We will jump over every racist wall you will erect, we will summersault over your destruction of our homes and we will cartwheel past all your cowardly hate. We need no teachers to guide us for we are self taught by the powers of our will. Movement is freedom and freedom is and will always be our victory. وائل الصايغ Dedicated to the Wallrunners of Gaza. Photo by Tanya Habjouqa

"Beautiful children are accidence of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art" Eleanor Roosevelt

At last, we meet! I have worked diligently and travelled across continents to qualify as an instructor of three programs created by @scott_sonnon. Books find us as much as we find them. I do not know why it's taken me so long to order and receive this book but I trust it's for a very specific reason. I have never been excited to read the acknowledgment or forward section of any book before. Today this fact has changed. وائل الصايغ

Yoga to me is not about bending over backwards or being super flexible. To me, it's about faceing your own limits and training your self to be comfortable enough to stay at the edge of your being no matter what that might look like to others. My edge is my own, as is my life, my dream and my vision. وائل الصايغ photo by @ruggerocf

By @scott_sonnon: Slow stress recovery results in headaches, diarrhea, suppressed immune system, memory loss, muscle, ache, bone density loss, high blood pressure and sudden cardiac death.

TACFIT manages stress by recovering from high intensity exercise to stimulate the General Adaptation Syndrome. The faster that your CNS cycles the stages of - Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion, Homeostasis -
the more resistant to illness you become.
Quality sleep, clean, iodized water, and nutrient dense food, and stress recovery from exercise, restores hormonal balance restoration. #ScottSonnon #Clubbell #TACFIT #511Tactical

Whenever I feel like the world is just unfair, I will remember this mans smiling face. Jack Johnson, the first African American Boxing Heavy Weight Champion must have faced some incredible challenges in his life. His famous match against Jim Jeffries was billed as the fight of the century. Almost everyone wanted Johnson to loose for all the wrong reasons. Every dirty trick in the book was thrown at Johnson to make sure he lost. But this man smiled through it all, every step of the way, blow for blow, round by round. Jack London, the famous novelist who reported from ring side wrote "No one understands him, this man who smiles. Well, the story of the fight is the story of a smile. If ever a man won by nothing more fatiguing than a smile, Johnson won today" Smile through it all people, the good and the bad, but especially the bad. وائل الصايغ

I find ancient physical training equipment that has stood the test of time fascinating! In an age of fancy new trend gizmos entering the market and then quickly dissappering the clubbell, kettlebell, parallette bars & barbells have proven them selves without doubt to be timeless classics that intelligently support the modern athlete. They may not look like much but you are basically looking at the most sophisticated gym equipment there is (I'm my opinion). Be timeless in who you are، what you do and how you train. وائل الصايغ

@fmadxb leadership student @ashwaq_s is featured in this Dubai Police promotion of the Dubai 30/30 Fitness Challenge. It's an honour for me, my organisation & my team to help members of the Dubai Police become fitter & stronger. Big thank you goes to Sifu Mike Gregory @lindagregory8080 & @annebelabo for their efforts in making this happen. It may be a very short clip but the significance of this culturally is huge.

If you look closely, the concept of Ying & Yang is every where. One without the other is an imbalance. Here in the picture my brother @jihadhaddadfitness is guiding me as a student. What would the teacher be without the student? and what would the student be without the teacher? Additionally inside each of the student & the teacher is a small part of other each. That's how each remains balanced. Photo by @ruggerocf Arabic T-shirt Text نحن فيلق design by @basel_almisshal @studio_basel @extreme_imagination

The positive energy, focus and determination of this group makes them a pleasure to teach. After some mobility work we perform a Tacfit Kilo(90/30x5)2 Protocol which involved the intelligent use of Kettlebells, Clubbells, Parallette Bars, Sand Bags & Boxes. To compensate putting our bodies through so much we did a wonderful yoga cool down series. I am running close to capacity in this facility now but I could fit in 4 more souls. Im ready when you are but I need to asses you before putting you in with the group. All are welcome to connect with me. My style of teaching and tools will not suit everyone but what I have I give, provided you are ready and willing to receive. Stay healthy Dubai, always with love. وائل الصايغ

I recently discovered @stefano_danna and I am really enjoying his work so far. His words resonate within me.

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