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Wael Al Sayegh  CEO of FMA-UAE Leadership Academy, Martial Artist, Writer & Coach. Mike Gregory MAXT affiliate. Tacfit, Flowfit & Clubbell Athletics Instructor.

Don't mess with anyone with a Clubbell in their hands!! My Saturday Clubbell Foundation class did very well today. Clubbells are the ancient tool for the modern warrior. You can get a great online training experience from where ever you are through @tacfit_mama or @clubbellathletics. Or if you are in Dubai and want to join my class just reach out! As a certified Clubbell athletics instructor I am passionate about spreading awareness of this great exercise tool!

As a Family Martial Arts instructor I have been trained up by the founder Masters Rolls to not only teach people in our region physical martial arts but also to link what we do on the mat to our lives off the mat. I always do my best to lead by example and always remember what it feels like to be a beginner. Staying humble is essential.

9:34PM Dubai Weather.

@cinemaakil is the best cinematic experience I have ever had! This is a place I truly enjoyed. I spotted this Egyptian 1973 poster of Bruce Lee's Big Boss film. The Arabic advertising is very reflective of the time period. It says that he is a Karate World Champion and that he has a Black Belt in Karate. This made me laugh. Bruce was so ahead of his time, languages had to catch up. A big thank you to @butheinahk for gifting Dubai this wonderful place. I will be back very soon. Can't wait to bring @lindagregory8080 here!

Let's do this!!!

Who will be The Lord of The Rings in todays TACFIT Dubai "Charlie" EMOTM group workout protocol? 7pm class about to start!

الله يرحمك يالشيخ الوائلي. I used to attend this wise mans lectures when he came to Dubai. He was the ONLY speaker & thinker who I enjoyed learning from. This was due to his ability to explain a topic from different view points. He spoke to you not at you. He was the first to teach me that humanity came before Islam and that Islam came before sects & Arabism

A dad & his twin girls. ماشاء الله

No matter your current age, the child in you with its unlimited creative hopes & dreams is still alive, waiting, for you to one day, rise.

8 Dubai Clubbell Foundation athletes today! Some great progress seen in this group.

Before I lead anyone through anything I first lead myself. Today's Saturday Dubai Clubbell Foundation Class has a "Order Squat " movement within its exercise workout. Clubbell Athletics has huge benefits to all levels of athletes & novices. Just ask @tacfit_mama & @clubbellathletics

"How should we be able to forget these ancient myths that are the beginning of all people, the myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into princesses; perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us." Letter 8 from Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. Aug 12. 1904.

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