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Hi friends! As anticipated, here's your chance to win my 2017 sketchbook!

This year for my birthday I wanted to raise a campaign for a good cause: to support @airc_ita in its research against cancer.
And I thought, why not doing by spreading art?
In this campaign you'll be able to purchase my comics, original sketches or even personalized sketchbooks, while also be entered in a contest to win my 2017 moleskine. (Even the smallest donation will give you a chance to win!) Did I made you curious just a little bit? Then find more infos about it in the link in my bio, that will bring you to the indiegogo fundraising page!
Grab your chance, share the message, and stay positive! Science can go far with our little help! :) #giveaway #twentyonepilots #cliqueart #art #comics #drawing

It took me about a year to finish, but here it is.

In this sketchbook I experimented with inks, watercolours, pencils, collages, gel pens, chalks, acrylics and much more.
It contains mostly @twentyonepilots' fanarts, but you can also catch some glimpses of @panicatthedisco, @thepunisher, @idkhow, @startrekcbs, and my personal comics #bellumcomic and #outerspaced.
It challenged me, it made me grow artistically and it contains way too many memories, and now it's done.
It's done.
#twentyonepilots #cliqueart #drawing #comic #comics #sketchbook

Today's beautiful and inspirational thing, #16.

#drawing #tbait

Outer Spaced, chapter 10: Identities.

You may never know what's behind the mask.

#outerspaced #comic #comics #drawing

And if you could have a superpower, what would it be?
This drawing is a little homage to "Ale Cans" by Jasper Johns, masterpiece about friendship and time gone by.


#nergal #Sympathyforthedemon #s4td #drawing #comics

Oliver stole my heart.

OC by @hac.knslash

#drawing #oc

Things I wish I had said (but I never did), part 4.

Just go with the flow.
Learn to accept things and use them to create something new, something better. Even yourself.

#tiwihs #drawing #comic #comics

Wade, not Deadpool.
Because he needed a body appreciation post.
Because he's beautiful, he really is.

Believe me when i say it's reaaaally hard to draw him in a dress without making it look ironic.
I really want people to see this character beyond the idiotic mask he always carries.

#marvel #comic #comics #drawing #deadpool #wadewilson

Outer Spaced, chapter 9: Tangible.

Today i took part of the @theofficialsadghostclub 's sketchbook club in Bristol and i was *so* blessed by all the creativity surrounding me, I just had to contribute. And if we are talking about ghosts, the first thing that comes to my mind is my best friend @maggiestardustart. She deserves the world, really.
And thanks again to the sad ghost club, thanks for being so nice with us and thanks for the inspiring opportunity! Hope to see you around soon!

#sadghostclub #outerspaced #comic #comics #drawing

《 They knew. 》

Guess who finished their notebook.

#drawing #alien

《 C'era una volta un matto, non andava mai a dormire: proiettava strane ombre, poi le stava a sentire. Parlavano di tutto, politica e religione, ma mai della vecchiaia, no, non c'era guarigione.
E c'era un solo modo per non starle più a sentire, il sole a mezzogiorno le faceva scomparire. Se invece stanco provava a spegnere la luce, lo avvolgevano, diceva, come una donna ti seduce. 》

Egli - Eugenio in Via di Gioia.

Perchè in questi giorni di buio, quattro ragazzi torinesi mi hanno insegnato a riaccendere la luce. Perchè sono un pozzo di creatività, talento, sarcasmo, simpatia e pazzia. Perchè la riescono a trasmettere davvero, la gioia, ne hanno a palate per tutti, e ne avevo proprio bisogno.
Perchè la lettera "E" è scritta da Eugenio, la "G" da Emanuele, la "L" da Paolo e la "I" da Lorenzo, che non aveva capito che doveva scrivere una I, e quindi me l'ha riproposta sul dorso della mano.
Perchè sto scassando i maroni a tutti da svariati mesi con 'sti Eugenio, ma in fondo ne vale la pena: chi gli ha dato una chance non se ne è pentito.
Perchè spero che tutti possiate sentirli live almeno una volta, che ci mettono il cuore. E tornate a casa con un qualcosa in più.

#eugenioinviadigioia #tattoo

Outer Spaced, chapter 8: Yellow.

Because he was, indeed, both bright and beautiful.

#outerspaced #comic #comics #drawing

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