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Now that’s a puppet show!

HulkPeth #utahgetmetwo

Nice day for a swim.

Utah, Get me two!

I’m going to make Koala burgers with Koala dip that’s what i’m going to do.

Yeah. I was gonna say he looked like shit, but... He looked like you.

Japan 💜💜

This requires no explanation

In the early 70’s Sylvester Stallone had an apartment so small he could touch each wall with his arms stretched out. He had to sell his beloved dog, he couldn’t afford the food for him and the dog. One weekend in a frenzy he wrote the script for #rocky. Stallone took a chance as he walked out after an acting audition, he turned and said ‘Hey, so i wrote a script’ - The producer said ‘send it to me’
The script was so good a bidding war ensued. Stallone was offered 50k, 100K, 130k, 175k, 225k. He said no each time as they didn’t think he should be Rocky in the film, they wanted a star. He believed he should. Saying no to 200k in the early 70’s when you have nothing, that’s mind blowing. Self belief. Knowing your worth.
Finally they relented and agreed on only 30k, and he could play Rocky.
His dog Butkis was returned and is in the first film.
Stallone was nominated for an academy award for best screenplay in 1977. Legend. 💜 #mondaymotivation @officialslystallone

If you’re reading this, you ain’t watching Cobra Kai #kickthecompetition

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