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New video out. Link in my bio!! Tips for shooting your friends who ain’t models

Having trouble trying to pose people who aren’t models? Click the link in my bi and watch my new video on some things I do to combat this problem.

Tips for shooting cinematic portraits video up now. Link in my bio

Yo, ask me some questions camera related/non-camera related and I will answer it and a video this week.

Instagram shit on the photo quality of the last set so I’m reposting. Anyway, i made a vide about this dope ass camera bag. Go check it. Link in bio

Another smoke photo. I know.. 🤷🏿‍♂️ anyway new vlog linked in my bio.

Losers focus on Winners.. Winners focus on Winning...

Great way to work around -30 degree weather is to warm up the whip and shoot in it.. All these photos were shot with the Fuji x100f and I’m having mixed feelings about this camera.. I’ll do a video about it tomorrow

New Mobile Photography vlog up in my bio. All shots were shot on iPhone

Reminiscing back to a time when it wasn’t 3° outside... 😖😖 it’s super hard to be motivated when it’s this cold outside so I dropped a video on some tips you can take to shake those feelings and still get out and shoot. Link in bio duh

Natural light Vs. Artificial light video up on now. Link in bio.. swipe left to see the night time version. Natural light is the best in my opinion. What do y’all prefer?

Shot some lifestyle product photos for @ketzalbags... made a video about the process.. link in my bio

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