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VSweets  Weight Lifter & OCR Athlete. NAUI Advanced & Nitrox (EAN) Certified Diver. 2A. Dancing Queen. Wanderlust. Pollyanna.

I know my worth 😊

Inhale the good shit - exhale the bullshit 😏

300 yards grouping using the Tekka

This is what happy looks like on me 😁. “You don’t know how much power your smile carries”. Dr. Robin Smith

Too often I hear people putting parts of their life on hold because they are not ready in other areas of their lives. I’m thankful for recognizing that waiting to live until I’m ready is truly not living in the present. No longer do I subscribe to the belief that every aspect of your life has to fall into a preconceived plan in order to start living in the now. So go find your happiness in whatever aspects of your life that you can. #comealive.

You see ? Regardless of your current situation- always be thankful 💖

This was the reason I walked away after 24 years.....

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