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Verona St & RAS Animals  Official account for Verona Street Animal Society, a not-for-profit that assists Rochester Animal Services with pet adoption, spay, & neuter programs.

I'M PET OF THE WEEK, AND MY ADOPTION FEE IS 50% OFF!! Hey I'm Farrah and even though this is a short-term thing I've settled in nicely. My day starts early with the volunteers taking me out for walks and visits with other furry guests. The staff makes sure I'm fed, have a nice place to sleep and visits with me throughout the day. It's almost like an all day spa but I'm really ready for my own home. I keep hearing everyone mention how sweet I am and how cute my face is. I guess that's why everyone smiles when they see me. I'll be here at the shelter (but only for a little while), so stop by for some face time. I'm so excited to meet you.

Hi I’m Crisp. I’m a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be in my situation. The folks at the shelter are very kind, but I’m longing for a place and family of my own. Come meet me and see what you think ❤️

Hello, my name is Pinhead, but feel free to change it when you adopt me. I’m a gentle giant who’s sweet as can be. Come on down to the shelter and meet me, you won’t be able to leave without me.

Our girl Mayflower is as bright and beautiful as a flower in May. She has such a kind and gentle soul that you will see in her eyes and personality. What a wonderful young lady that is looking for a forever home that will enjoy all the love and cuddling she has to give. While at the shelter she has made many new friends and enjoys her walks. During her adventures in the neighborhood Mayflower is always looking back to make sure her human is still there. If you are looking for a real love-bug to join your family then hurry down and visit.

It’s #AdoptaDog month and now is the time to #FindYourFido and adopt!

Hey there! I'm Amos, not unlike my "Famous" predecessor, I'm super sweet and will totally satisfy! I'm 3 years old and very smart! For a treat, I will sit, shake, and down. Come on, you know that's impressive! Stop on down and say hello, you won't be disappointed!

I'M PET OF THE WEEK AND MY ADOPTION FEE IS 50% OFF! Jobo is a sweet little kitten that we have been watching grow big and strong. He had a rough start to life but has shown us affection and strength through it all. A little curve ball in the beginning hasn't stopped him and we are happy to celebrate his many triumphs. During this past month he is always happy to see his human friends visit throughout the days. We can tell by the joy in his expression while he's looking up with those big hopeful kitten eyes. Purring the song of happiness and gratitude.

It’s #AdoptaDog month and we are over capacity for dogs. We are screaming from the rooftops for adopters to come down and #FindYourFido!
With a name like Spanky, you might think I’m a mischievous character. Well, I’m not too sure about that but pretty sure I can make you smile or even laugh. You see I’m just so cute. I’m a compact rather pint sized, young dude who is ready to get the show on the road, so to speak. I’ll walk with you very proudly with my manly stride and listen for your commands. I do know “sit” and will take the treats very gently. If you’re looking for a young, fun loving playful guy, then I’m your man!! Come on down and be ready to smile!

It’s #AdoptaDog month and we are over capacity for dogs. We are screaming from the rooftops for adopters to come down and #FindYourFido !

We'd like to introduce you to our sweet, gentle and quiet girl Millie. Our friend is pretty special to all of us here and with a quick visit you'll see why too. She would like a home where she can be loved and share her love too. Millie will sit quietly in her kennel watching everything that is going on. If you stop and say hello you will see how happy she is to meet you. It's so fun to hang out with her in the play yard. She will cruise around and explore and then check in to bring you a smile. Come on down and ask to visit with Millie soon.

It’s #AdoptaDog month and now is the time to #FindYourFido and adopt!

Hey Bonehead here. I have no idea why they call me that. Maybe it's because I'm a young guy figuring things out. It must not be a big deal because everyone here is always laughing when we are together. That makes me happy to see my human friends enjoying themselves. Life is something to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. How's that for a profound thought from a guy named Bonehead? There's a lot more to me than just being silly. I really want to please my friends and learn new games. Swing by the shelter and give me some rubs, we'll both be happy you did. I hope to see you soonly (hey I even made up a new word).

I’M PET OF THE WEEK AND MY ADOPTION IS 50% OFF!! Oh, hi! Thanks for stopping to take a look. I'm Amber; every bit as gorgeous as the stone I'm named after, and not afraid to flaunt it! I'm a sleek, slender lady with a quick wit, and a lot of sass. I'm always up for a fun challenge, and ready for whatever life throws my way. I'm just hoping that my next step in life leads me out of the shelter, and onto something much more exciting! Life has taught me to take chances, and if you've read this far, I think you're ready to do the same. Please take that chance on me!

It’s #AdoptaDog month and now is the time to #FindYourFido and adopt!
My name is Fiona. It's ok if you call me Princess Fiona. I am a young lady that has a heart full of love just ready to share . Like in the fairy tale, I'm a very down to earth and loyal companion. I will walk by your side, I am past that puppy stage but still have that spunk to have fun and make you smile. Beauty lies within and I'm beaming. I'm anxiously waiting for my rescue from my tower here at the Verona St castle. See you soon!

Hey there, I'm Zeus! Girl Zeus, that is. My name exudes strength and power, and I've earned every bit of it. Somehow, life has led me here to the shelter, and yet my resilience shines as brightly as the afternoon sky. The biggest part of my strength is the way that I love despite everything I've been through. I greet everyone who walks by my cage, and revel in the showers of affection. Maybe you've been through some things lately and you're in need of a friend who understands, and that could be me. Come down for a visit and let's get to know each other!

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