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Fantasy is more important than Knowledge. Cause knowledge has an end🗺


This was the most amazing week with you! I love you so much and it is sad, that you have to leave again to go back home. Looking forward to see you in a few weeks at your place. Thanks also to the people that were with us these days. Will miss you Zoe❤

~And then I started smiling, just because I have seen you again~

A positive attitude can really make dreams come true- it did for me... Never let anyone tell u that it is not possible. Maybe not for them but believe in yourself and everything can be possible!

Amazing weekend. Wish you wouldn't have had To leave again. Love you heaps

Sorry for not being perfect

Home is where your heart is... What is if you don't know where your heart is? A sky full of question marks

Maybe I am lost sometimes and maybe I am not perfect. But to be honest these people make my life complete. Thanks you!❤💭❤

6days after surgery. 17/02/2017 The accident happened. 26/10/2017 finally surgery. It is a hard way to get back to walking or just getting changed by myself but fighters never give up. Thanks to everyone that helps me during that time and to all the people that try to bright up my days #fighter

Never stand still


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