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Seppe’s 510hp 20v VR5 Turbo swapped MK2 Golf. The want is real!
🚗 @seppeboudringhien | #vrsociety

Rick Case from Modesto, CA doesn’t have social media, but he sure builds some awesome VWs.

This is his current work in progress: a 12v VRT swapped, RWD converted, MK1 golf, complete with roll cage and reinforced front-end. He’s utilizing a cd009 6 speed 350z transmission, Miata subframe/suspension, and an 8.8 rear end on this build. Hoping to see and hear this on the strip soon!

Some of his previous projects include a RWD Corrado with a 20vt and a RWD MK1 Caddy with a G60t. Check him out on @vwvortex as Fvtec. | #vrsociety

VR6 Swapped MK1 Caddy sporting a #schrick VGI manifold in a very tidy engine bay — NE Dustoff 2018
🚗 @justindins | #vrsociety
📸 @danny_vrsociety

Three’s a crowd — NE Dustoff 2018
🚗 @thebrianbuckley | #vrsociety
📸 @danny_vrsociety

Thu.:Rsday 🔥
📸 @vwins_7r | #vrsociety

When you’re just trying to cruise the twisties in a VRT, but then someone gets in front of you doing 10 under..then suddenly, a passing zone!
🎥🚗 @danny_vrsociety | #vrsociety

A cure for the Monday blues...
🚗 @the_nick_farrington | #vrsociety
📸 @osancheski

MK3 VRT at Wörthersee 2018
📸 @atika463 | #vrsociety

@eurowise_performance just wrapped on this Scirocco restoration, and it’s just a thing of beauty!

Besides the Porsche Cayenne 3.2 VR6 swap with Eurowise mounts, some details include: A @singervehicledesign porsche inspired interior with the leather wrapped cage, basket weave trim accents, Porsche RS door pulls and door handles, Porsche square knit carpet and tons more details that aren’t shown in these pictures. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll give them a follow if you haven’t already. Damn. | #vrsociety

What’s Wednesday without a little W engine love? Here’s some W12 engine assembly eye-candy to brighten your hump-day.
🎥 @casadaretifica | #vrsociety

Nick’s ITB 12v MK2 build at #mk2mayday. No words...
🚗 @nbp_nick | #vrsociety
📸 @superwied

Something a bit different...A VR6 swapped, first-gen VW Parati, which is a 5/3 door Gol/Fox wagon, hailing from Brazil. Looks like the perfect little cruiser.
📸 @garage478_films | #vrsociety

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