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When you want a 1000whp B5 VR6 Turbo, but don’t want your turbo to muffle that awesome naturally aspirated VR6 exhaust sound, what do you do?

Well...John from Fab5 has an answer. You spool your turbo with a little JET ENGINE. Yes, you read that right! All this adds up to a setup that will have no turbo lag and precision boost control, resulting pure unadulterated VR6 ridiculousness. Awesome.
🚗 @fab5industries | #vrsociety

The updated W12 Twin Turbo in the @bentleymotors Bentayga has been out for some time now, and can now also be found in the Continental, but it it will always be a work of art. Here’s a quick glimpse at what went into the the creation of this awesome machine which undoubtedly advanced what’s possible within the VR/W engine landscape. We can only hope that some day these advances trickle down to VW.
🎥 @bentleymotors | #vrsociety

Ryan’s Corrado is just one of those unique builds you never forget, and it’s for sale! Someone give this car a good home before we’re tempted to scoop it up.
🚗 @r_luchii | #vrsociety
📸 @ramonperiod

When your buddy with a VR gives you this look on the way to a show...you know what’s about to go down.
🎥 @rubadubmedia | #vrsociety

Fitting for an #r32sday. This R32 engine swapped and custom built 1978 Scirocco, originally built by @rowdy_srt, will be going across the block at Barrett Jackson (Lot 95.1) in Las Vegas this year (Sept 27-29). It’s a No Reserve auction. What do you think it will bring in? Will you be bidding? It’ll be cool to see this on @velocity’s coverage, that’s for sure! Not often you get to see a water cooled VW cross the block, and especially a custom.
📸 @barrett_jackson | #vrsociety

B5 VRT badassery incoming by Lucas over at Duke Fab. Any power guesses?
🚗 @harp_attack | #vrsociety
🛠 @dukefab

I mean, c’monnnn! | #vrsociety

First pass off the trailer and Ben is into the 7s with his R30 VRT Polo at VW Action 2018 @santapodraceway. #vwaction2018
🚗🎥 @don_octane | #vrsociety

Brandon built himself a VR6 coffee table. It’s one of the coolest things you can do if you have any old engine laying around, but especially unique with a VR. Be sure to swipe to see the finished product! W8 or W12 next?
🚗📸 @distincttuning | #vrsociety

Pipey going for a rip in his custom built W8 powered VW/NSU K70. 🔊 Sound On!
🚗🎥 @pipey_mcgraw | #vrsociety

TFW you bump the boost in a VRT to a new high for the first time. 🔊 Sound On! #turbotuesday
🚗🎥 @bigalmk4 | #vrsociety

Throwback Saturday! Who remembers this old VR6 rivalry? EIP Tuning vs Schimmel Performance going at it Etown, likely at Waterfest or Snow’n’Go. Does anyone remember the year? It’s amazing to see how far these cars and the VR community has come.
🎥 @vwsport | #vrsociety

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