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Something Gonzalez  I'll tell you in another life☽☼ when we are both cats.

LOL @ my hair's shadow looking buckwild

a blooper

I just discovered this flavor of bobo's bar so I went to go buy more and when I get in my car and start chomping on one, a homeless man knocks on my window with his hand held out so I was like here sir take a bobo's bar and this man said "NO MA'AM I DON'T WANT THAT," shoo'ed my hand away, and walked off. lol what in tarnation your loss sir, these are so good. smh I have the weirdest encounters with strangers

wishing I was sleeping in this good on a Friday #sleepingwittle #evenevilneedsrest

we all have a sweet spot or two ;) 🌵🌼


my sister and I are throwing my mom a colorful, flowered bird-cage, homemade margarita themed fiesta 🎉 look how cute! if you know a male that's willing to bachatear and take his shirt off for my mom and her friends, send him this way please

"So what do you like to do for fun?" Exhibit A.

let's play a game called "guess which little brown girl is me"

still had coffee though 😐🤙🏿


I may lose it for a second now and then.

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