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anaidiriv  I'll tell you in another life☽ β˜† ☼ when we are both cats.

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"Because you are human beings you are going to meet failure. You are going to meet disappointment, injustice, betrayal, and irreparable loss. You will find you’re weak where you thought yourself strong. You’ll work for possessions and then find they possess you. You will find yourself β€” as I know you already have β€” in dark places, alone, and afraid.
What I hope for you, for all my sisters and daughters, brothers and sons, is that you will be able to live there, in the dark place. To live in the place that our rationalizing culture of success denies, calling it a place of exile, uninhabitable, foreign. Well, we're already foreigners..." - Ursula K. Le Guin .... (look this up, it's a good inspirational read)

nooks and crannies

I'm a bit numb and rich with excitement.

here's a picture of the sun going down and the light hitting the clouds just right bc I'll never grow tired of a good looking sky and you shouldn't either 🌚🌝

here's a picture of my nephew and his baby cousin at a tortilleria πŸ˜«πŸ’–

don't cry over spilled glitter



This is what happens when drunk people are behind the camera.

my girl

This is always my favorite time of a day, when some parts are glowing from twilight and others darkened by the shadows... it's beautiful.

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