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Find out why we are all congratulating each other on tonight’s episode of @bluebloods_cbs @willestes101 #bluebloods #jamko

Today my girl opens @meangirlsbway She doesn’t like me to gush about her, but sorry girl, I get to today. I am baffled that someone I love (and who even loves me back) crafted the funniest performance I’ve ever seen. Ever👏seen👏Her talent is astounding. Her work ethic challenges me to work harder and be better. Her friendship is kind and loyal. Break a leg tonight, Katie. Happy opening to the entire cast. And everyone go and see the show and you’ll get what I am talking about. ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️#mynameisKaren

Impromptu girls trips are what it’s all about. These two woman challenge and inspire and shower me with love. Thanks to @ritzcarlton for #lobstertacos🌮 that I will dream about forever. Thank you @interconbos and @emilyloftiss for hydrating my dead skin. 🧖‍♀️💆‍♀️💅 Unforgettable Easter weekend.

#rcmemories #interconbos #spaintercontinental #interontinentallife

I took #saintpatricksday very seriously 9 years ago. Love my girls. Thanks for the oldie @amldance

Awe, this is an oldie but a goodie. Thanks for sharing @sophisticatedweddings

I love hanging out with you @landonbeard thanks for booking my flight to come home. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and happy Birthday to my mom @justvaliptak there’s a lot to love right now. 💕

FOUND!!!! Social media is amazing!!!! Thank you @danielladahann And @nataliedahann My best friends have a piece of their hearts. @kellysullivanofficial & @ericmichaelroy and the whole family are forever grateful. Way to go @landonbeard for making the post. #dogfound #ohhappyday

Today is my invisible best friends birthday. We call each other invisible best friends because the second I met Kel I not only felt like I’d known her my whole life, I felt certain that we’d played together as little kids. And I was homeschooled so... I made up a lot of friends. 🤣🤦‍♀️ I love and trust you implicitly @kellysullivanofficial I strive to be as fearless as you are everyday. Happy birthday. Thanks for eating chips with me. #godDancedthedayyouwereborn

Couple of ladies fan girling over each other. @bluebloods_cbs is their favorite show!!! What?!?Everything good happens at the theater 🎭 2018 is amazing. 📸: @jcloo18 ❤️ @mtc_nyc #thechildren

Marched with my Dad who told me that I deserved a fair shot at anything I wanted in life. He knew I was no different than my older brother but he was aware that there would be times in my life that I would have to fight harder to be heard. He and my mom taught me to #fightlikeagirl and I will never take that for granted. Be kind to each other and have courage out there. @justvaliptak #womensmarch #timesup 📸: @jakewil

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