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Vice President Mike Pence  Husband, father, and honored to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States. 🇺🇸


The people of the United States and the people of Chile know that freedom is the source of our prosperity and security. Our bond with Chile is growing, and our security and prosperity are advancing hand-in-hand. In Chile, I thanked President Bachelet for her strong leadership and consistent statements about the provocative behavior by the regime in North Korea.

#VPinPanama Photos of the Day: The last stop of my Latin American trip was to Panama City, where Karen & I had the opportunity to visit the Cocoli Locks at the Panama Canal. Panama's President, Juan Carlos Varela, and I met, and I told him how grateful President Donald Trump and I are for Panama's participation in our global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. Today, Panama is the only Latin American country in our coalition, and we call on all of our partners across Latin America to follow Panama’s example of leadership and join this global coalition.

#VPinSA Photos of the Day: Karen & I departed Argentina for Chile yesterday morning to meet with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. President Bachelet and I celebrated our nations' strong commercial ties and diplomatic cooperation. Karen and I then had an opportunity to meet with embassy staff and their families to thank them for everything they do for the United States. In the evening, I spoke to business leaders about advancing prosperity and economic growth throughout the Western Hemisphere. Latin America's progress will mean more jobs and more growth in the United States of America. (Official White House photos by Myles D. Cullen)

President Donald Trump​ and I believe Argentina will continue to be an exemplar of a better path in Latin America - toward prosperity, security and freedom. A secure Latin America means a more secure United States of America. A prosperous Latin America means a more prosperous United States of America. And the advance of freedom and democracy in Latin America benefits the cause of freedom everywhere. Because when free peoples stand together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. #VPinSA

#VPinSA Photos of the Day: Began my morning yesterday in Buenos Aires by visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral to lay a wreath at General San Martin's tomb and visit their memorial to Holocaust victims. I then met with Argentine President Mauricio Macri where we discussed trade issues, Argentina's emerging global leadership role, and the deteriorating situation in Venezuela. Next I spoke with Argentine and Latin American business leaders. I told them that Latin America has come so far in terms of prosperity and security because it shares a commitment to freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. And to end the day, Karen and I met with embassy staff and their families to thank them for all the work they do on behalf of the American people. (Official White House photos by Myles D. Cullen)

#VPinSA Photos of the Day: Before departing Colombia for Argentina, Karen and I visited a church in Cartagena and met with Venezuelan families who fled the tyranny and oppression of the Maduro regime. A grandmother told me that she brought her grandchildren five days ago because children in Venezuela are unable to get food or water or medicine; that her grandchildren are having to get up at five in the morning to get a ticket to buy a piece of bread later in the afternoon. The Venezuelan people deserve freedom. President Donald Trump has made it clear: We’re simply not going to stand by while Venezuela crumbles. We’re not going to stand by while Venezuela collapses into dictatorship. (Official White House photos by Myles D. Cullen)

Colombia has no better partner and friend than the United States of America. Under President Donald Trump, the United States will always put the security and prosperity of America first. But as I hope my presence in Colombia demonstrates, America first does not mean America alone. The United States and Colombia's security and prosperity are inextricably linked. Our interests are aligned. Our values are the same. And the birthright of freedom belongs to both our people. #VPinSA

#VPinSA Photos of the Day: Yesterday I arrived in Colombia for the first stop of my Latin America visit. I met with President Juan Manuel Santos in Cartagena about how the drug crisis requires swift action to protect the people of both nations. (Official White House photos by Myles D. Cullen)

The portrait unveiled in the Indiana Statehouse today pays tribute to all those that are not the subject of the portrait. The flags are a tribute to the great Americans and the great Hoosiers I've had the privilege to serve. My tie that I wear was designed by my wife, Karen. Any the picture of my kids was behind my credenza when I was Governor, when I was a congressman, and now it's in the West Wing of the White House. Until Karen and I come back home again, we pray that God will continue to bless the great state of Indiana and all who go by the name Hoosier. Thank you, Indiana. (Official White House photo by Myles D. Cullen)

Western civilization is a beautiful mosaic of free countries and peoples -- each with their own unique histories, cultures, languages and traditions and all of which deserve to be cherished, celebrated, and protected. But in these challenging times, once-distant threats have become local threats to nations and communities across the world, and we need all free nations to band together to confront and overcome them. Watch the #VPinEurope recap video.

The future for the Western Balkans, the future of the West itself, and the future of freedom is bright, brighter than ever before. We share a future of security and prosperity. We share a future of liberty and freedom, and united in this great "community of nations," I know we will face that future together. #VPinEurope

#VPinEurope Photos of the Day: To begin our final day in Eastern Europe, I met with the staff and families from the United States' Embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro and thanked them for their service to the American people. Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and I then discussed Montenegro's leadership promoting stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans. To wrap up our trip, I spoke at the Adriatic Charter Summit, and I told them that in these times of widening threats and provocations, we must stand together in defense of all that we hold dear. Ours is a shared future of security and prosperity, a shared future of liberty and freedom, and we will face that future together. (Official White House photos by Myles D. Cullen)

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