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Students across the country walked out of school Friday morning to protest for gun reform, kicking off the next wave of activism post-Parkland. This time, they’re calling attention to the broken promises of “never again” — that after a shooting at Columbine High School 19 years ago today, mass shootings continued.

Above is a glimpse at the movement’s gathering on DC’s National Mall, just one of 2,600 walkouts planned for the day. Read our full explainer at the link in our bio. #NationalSchoolWalkout #NationalWalkout #Columbine #neveragain #guncontrol

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) just made history by becoming the first sitting senator to give birth in office — and by bringing her newborn daughter, Maile, onto the Senate floor.

Senate rules require votes to be taken in person, and, as new parents are quite aware, leaving a newborn can be a struggle — particularly for women who breastfeed. So Duckworth suggested a natural solution: bringing Senate rules into the 21st century by allowing new parents to bring their young children into the chamber.
Naturally, it’s sparked a debate. You can read all about it at the link in our bio. #TammyDuckworth

David Hogg might be the most vilified person in right-wing media right now. But he and his fellow teen gun control activists from Parkland, Florida — where they survived a mass shooting — are teaching a master class in dealing with bullies.

In the latest episode of #Strikethrough, Hogg explains to Vox’s Carlos Maza (@gaywonk) how he and his friends use humor, restraint, and public pressure to engage strategically with their trolls. Watch the full video via the link in our bio. #Parkland #guncontrol #marchforourlives #DavidHogg

When UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said this weekend that the US would impose new sanctions on Russia, President Trump became furious — claiming he hadn’t yet approved the measure. National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow then said Haley experienced an episode of “momentary confusion.” Above is her response.
None of this should be happening: one of the most important diplomatic posts in the government should not be announcing policies that haven’t been fully approved; high-level staffers should not be correcting her, and they definitely should not be having a public spat.
But this is all a much bigger deal than just bad optics. Read Zack Beauchamp’s report on the Trump administration’s dysfunctional policy process via the link in our bio. #NikkiHaley #UN #Russia #Trump

Last year, @johnnywharris traveled the world for #VoxBorders — our documentary video series exploring the human impacts of lines drawn on maps. Now he’s back for season two. First stop: Hong Kong.

Follow the Vox Borders page on Facebook to keep up with the journey — and as always, he wants your help along the way! Submit your recommendations at vox.com/borders-local.
#travel #travelblog #hongkong #hktravel #documentary

In response to swift public outcry over the arrest of two black men at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, the brand announced it will close all its US coffee shops on May 29 to provide “racial bias” training to nearly 175,000 employees. They say it’s aimed at preventing discrimination at their shops.
In case you missed the news of the controversial arrest — which confused bystanders called “ridiculous” — you can watch a video of it via the link in our bio. #Starbucks

In a much-hyped interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Sunday night, former FBI director James Comey made it very clear: he does not feel Donald Trump is morally suited to lead this country.
Asked if he felt Trump was unfit to be president, Comey responded that "Trump strikes me as a person of above average intelligence [who] knows what's going on” — adding that he doesn’t feel Trump isn’t medically unfit, but morally. He compared Trump to a mob boss and likened his presidency to a forest fire.
Visit Vox.com for more highlights from the interview — and stay tuned for an explainer on Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty, which chronicles his experiences with Trump. #comey #trump #politics

On Friday night, United States, along with with Britain and France, bombed Syria. It’s the second time the US has waded into the country’s seven-year conflict in response to a chemical weapons attack. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis described the strikes as “a clear message to Assad and his murderous lieutenants.” With around 100 missiles, the allies hit three targets related to Syria’s chemical program: a research center, a storage facility, an equipment facility and command post. (Swipe to see the locations). Russia has warned of “consequences,” with Vladimir Putin calling the move an “act of aggression” that could “have a destructive effect on the entire system” of international relations.

Visit the link in our bio for our full explainer, which is being updated as we learn more. #Syria

Following reports of a chemical weapons attack in Syria this week, President Trump threatened to bomb the country. On this week’s episode of our foreign affairs podcast Worldly, the team breaks down what Trump’s strategy (or lack thereof) is, how it compares to Obama’s, and why, at the end of the day, a US military strike won’t have much impact on Syria’s brutal civil war.
Search “Worldly” on Apple Podcasts (or your preferred platform) to hear the full conversation. #Syria

Last October, Bradley Sroka took his 1-year-old daughter, Margot, to the local emergency room after she managed to tie a piece of her own blonde hair around her toe, causing it to swell. Margot turned out to be fine — a physician assistant inspected her toe and applied an antibacterial ointment.

A month later, the Sroka family got a $937.25 for the 29-minute visit.
This fits an American pattern: Worried parents take their children to the emergency room because their pediatrician’s office is closed, often on nights or weekends. When treated for relatively basic medical care, the parents receive shockingly hefty bills that typically leave a burden on their household.

Sarah Kliff is midway through a year-long project to investigate American health care prices. Check the link in our bio to read her latest — or to share your own story. #healthcare #emergencyroom

During his testimony before a House committee Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg said that he personally was one of the 87 million Facebook users whose data was leaked to Cambridge Analytica.
The political consulting firm did digital work for Trump’s campaign in 2016, and has close ties to Steve Bannon and GOP megadonors. It’s in hot water over ethical and legal questions about its business practices — as is Facebook, which faces similar questions about data and privacy. Zuckerberg’s admission may fuel critics who say the social network has gotten too big and too powerful.
Catch up on the scandals (and Zuckerberg’s hearings) via the link in our bio. #CambridgeAnalytica #Zuckerberg #Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by two Senate committees on Tuesday over the social network’s ongoing data, privacy, and information scandals. A standout line of questioning came from Sen. Dick Durbin, who challenged Zuckerberg about his comfort level with his own personal information. Watch the exchange above. See the full stream of the hearing on our Facebook page. #Zuckerberg #Facebook

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