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Amber Lynn Naughton  Vegan • Mother• Wife• California• Bovines •voxamberlynn.bookings@gmail.com


It’s been rough forcing myself to go to the gym twice a week.
I’m gone for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. I really would rather just hang out with my kids and husband when I get home, but I know I need the gym for my mental health.
Any other moms work full time and struggle with the guilt of doing something for yourself, instead of being with your kids?

I have some serious baby hairs at my hairline!
I can’t believe all of that fell out 🙀

Vegan for you. 🌱

I turned 27 today. I didn’t even want to turn 25 and now here I am.. can’t stop the inevitable!
Happy birthday to me! I hope my friends are ready for this weekend! ✨💖

I’m going to hell, I know, I know, I don’t care. 🎶

Everyone freaks out over the Yulin festival, but continues to eat cows, chickens and pigs every day.. It’s only difference in culture.
Meat is meat, isn’t it?
#veganfortheanimals #itsbeenawhile #useyoursocialmediaplatform

Tiny son! You’re five months old today!
Your smile could lift anyone’s mood.
You are interested in everything mom and dad eats, and try to take a bite of everything around you.
You like to stand as straight as you can (with mom and dad’s help of course).
You just found your feet, so they are currently your favorite toy..
You’re just a chubby bundle of joy and I can’t even take how sweet you are.

Happy Halloween from the Naughton’s 🎃

Southern California!
Who has had a tattoo lasered and where did you go?
How much was it per session and did you see pretty decent results?

Microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions have made me feel comfortable enough to not wear makeup all of the time.
Huge thank you to @theroxannecrisp & @prettylashesss 💕

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