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Who wants a bottle!!!?? I'm giving away bottles FOR FREE!!!!!. I carry mine everywhere I go and I have a bottle just for the internet, for the quiet and hidden HATTERS too 😂😂😂😂

This is the feeling when you get to have a friends who are always behind your back supporting you 😆😆😉. Tag and mention your supportive friends

Because that book is full of lies and deceiving that is why. Here something to think about.

In this video I go over the use of a Horse shoe in root work. If you arent subscribed, go ahead and subscribe to my channel: Voodoo Priest Man Enjoy the video and make sure you share it 😎

Who can relate?
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Great advice guys. Let's burn sum candles

I want to hear you saying that you are a money magnet. Give me your best affirmation when it comes to wealth.

I hear this a lot by working with clients. People saying oh yea he broke the relationship up or she broke it up because he/she wants to work on him/her self. Bullshit. People don't believe that shit, they just dont want to be with you, and they can't be gangsta enough to say it, so they come up with this lame excuse when somebody tells you this, you tell them to go fuck themselves. It is a privilege for anybody to be with YOU not all the way around ...Respect yourself and Love yourself, when u do, u dont give two damn f&%$

By popular demand I finally have the flier together for this Spiritual Retreat with me. This is the right retreat you need to attend if you want to learn how to connect with the ancestors and learn how to tap into your higher self. I only have ten spots. I'm only doing 10 people because I want it to be personal. That way I can focus with every one who shows up . please be serious. Inbox me for price or other questions and please tag someone you know and BTW the retreat is going to be in Georgia and all accommodations included in the price meaning room and food.

We -people maybe singing and choosing a different songs but the truth will never change. Let us just remember to sing a song of our heart choice.

Just another year on the earth ...A new earth year that I am glad the ancestors have me here to spit knowledge and also very appreciative to have met such great friends on IG. Today I'm taking off. no readings , no work. Today is my earth day and I'm getting white boy wasted. ..July 18.... 718 baby

I'm pretty sure u might get a couple messages here and there from people saying they dont agree with what you post, especially when we posting deep stuff. I know some of you could relate to this. The question is, do u really care what anybody has to say about your pics and quotes?

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