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September 21st, 2018: Black is beautiful, no other way to put it. And when we move together, as a people, I swear we're unstoppable. Let me introduce y'all to this Queen sittin next to me, a young woman named ACE, who I met earlier this year on a production for The Food Network. The scheduling on that shoot was so crazy (in a good way), we didn't get a chance to build as much as we had hoped to. But we making an effort to fix that, starting with this current Titan Games production we're working.

Black is beautiful, and when ACE hit my line about jumping on this production back in July, I had to decline due to previous obligations. Fortunately for me, she continued to check on my availability periodically until my schedule opened. The second it did, she brought me on board. That's love right there, Queens looking out for Kings (and vice versa feel me?). This is the first of many to come, we've been doing long hours but it's always worth it.

Lastly, and I mean this, we are the current, carrying the past of our ancestors, and the future of the generations to comes. Grateful to have her in my life, and I'm looking forward to all of the amazing things we create and accomplish in our lifetimes. We're filming The Titan Games, with The Rock. Nothing but excellence in this picture, and I promise we just getting started. Black is beautiful. #vonpoevii #ace #blackexcellence #threatculture

September 21st, 2018: As we near closer and closer to the final quarter of this year, I'm reflective on my growth and maturity as a man. A lot has happened this year, the pros and cons of life. And yet here I am, intertwined within the roots of my labor, sharing its fruits with the world around me. And this vessel, this shell of mine, it continues to allow me purpose. I promise you, the final stretch of this chapter will be a productive one.

To those of you who have followed my journey, thank you. There is a lot I've never spoken on and / or shared on this road. I'm sure there will always be a part of me that enjoys a certain degree of isolation. But with all that said, I just wanted to share with you all, a list of things to expect before the year ends.

From now to December 31st:
- The Hype and Forever Villainous CDs
- The TPOLAW Sessions Chapts. 2 and 3
- Teaser for a rollout of new music videos dropping January 1st, 2019.

I've dedicated most of my 20s to creating foundations for a lot of my peers, it's finally time to take a step back and give myself that same level of attention. My website is my main hub, and even though there's Instagram and Twitter, it's important that all of you take the time to visit the site. Pretty soon that's going to be the only place to find me. I'm excited for the future, trust that. Long live the villainous, and peace to the movement.

Photo Cred 📸: @josh_shot_this. #vonpoevii #threatculture #artist

CIRCA 2013: That time @Rza let me chill in the studio with him and @mathematicswu for three days, while the Wu was filming their 20yr anniversary special. Funny story right here, super dope and inspiring. Also the trip that brought the broskie @simon_green into my life. Another post for another day.

But I'll never forget the conversations, and the lessons Rza and fellas passed down onto me in those three days. Fast forward to present time, and here I am on phone calls with his brother Divine these past few years about future moves for the brand and what not. I'm telling you, when it's all said and done, y'all gonna know my story. Wait for it, 2019. #vonpoevii #rza #threatculture #wutang

CIRCA 2013: The goal has always been to look back, and smile at the accomplishments made. I want to be seventy one day, and smile knowing everyone in this picture accomplished whatever it is they had set out to accomplish.

This was back in Zurich, Switzerland. The amazingly talented @feggymin was just getting her artwork (@feggyminart) off the ground with the help of @sara_fleur (dope tattoo artist and model), and has since taken her works around the world. Proud of you Feggy. Sara has since gone off to do dope tattoo works on top of her modeling, @gavlynnn went off to become GavNasty (just kidding. She killin it though), @papajruiz has since created his "iii" brand and movement. We were all youngins, but life was beautiful none the less. Great memories for the throwback. #memories

FAMILIA CIRCA 2016: A visit to see The Rebel Bear himself, @salblanco, from the Villainous Poe and @papajruiz. #GoodFellas

Sixty Seconds | Day Two: "Aye put a timer on the clock yo, I'ma bounce in a minute / I'm like the Phantom of the Opera, meets the Black Bruce Willis / I'm prolly the illest to deal it til a Zimmerman killing / Shoot a Nazi in his face, when trying to speak to The Villain / Ayo the Black assassin killing devils off in your faction, my voodoo / Sticks to you like Russia to that Trump dude, I'm Dooku / The rest of you like clones in this new school, VON POE VII been a rebel to cause / And I be chillin on my lonely, when I'm avoiding all the phonies / Yo I'm too nice, recognize the darkest of lights / You a hoe for the likes, I'm laughing, I just doubled the price / About to hit the brodie @HusKingpin like, this The Winners right? / This the Threat Culture's most awoken, and they calling me the seven cause they know that God has spoken / See lately I've been feeling like, ain't too many dealing mic prescriptions / @YugenBlakrok, she the illest / A Black female, no jezebel, respect to the mother of Earth / Put us in the booth to share our truths, no darker roots / Ayo it's day two, stay tuned" - VII

Like I said before, no new projects until I've done Interviews for the entire TPOLAW Trilogy, and have laced a nice amount of visuals for them. So make sure you go cop those. I'll keep droppin these little 60second freestyles though. Day Two is over a beat produced by Klaxy Beats, enjoy.

Again this series is somewhat a tribute to my older brother battling cancer, and I'll keep dropping em as long as he's still fighting for his own life. #vonpoevii #huskingpin #yugenblakrok #sixtyseconds #hiphop #klaxy #rap #bars #threatculture

Sixty Seconds | Day One: "Sixty seconds with a mic in the booth, and I'm proof / The villain god-body relaxed in a coupe / I got my feet up like fuck the world, these rappers is basic / And I'm contemplating my return like tax evasioning statements, word / Dolla dolla bills, you did it for the millions / I do it for civilians on the corner blocks, and project buildings / Independent floetry reflecting the poetry / You suckas do it better where? Point me to your prodigy, huh / I bet a stack that he ain't mobbin deep, I'll moonwalk across the street and backhand that Billie Jeanugh / And social commentary asking where I be at, dawg / I'm eating cereal, posted where my queen at / Listen, the art form done revolutionized the culture / And I'd be damned if as a Black man, I sold my soul to vultures" - VII

In an attempt to keep the thoughts in a positive space, I'm starting a little Instagram exclusive series called, Sixty Seconds. The goal here, is to write a new verse with an extremely lightweight visual for all of you asking me to drop more music. As I've said before, no new projects until I've done Interviews for the entire TPOLAW Trilogy, and have laced a nice amount of visuals for them. But I don't mind giving you all a nice little 60second joint from time to time. This first one is over a beat produced by Yondo Music, hope y'all enjoy it.

And yea, my oldest brother, who I just met this year for the first time, is battling some kind of cancer. He was kickin its ass until recently, and has been damn near MIA during his battle. So this series is somewhat a tribute, and I'll keep dropping em as long as he's still fighting for his own life. #vonpoevii #sixtyseconds #hiphop #yondo #rap #bars #threatculture

September 11th, 2018: Now that things are slowing down for a brief moment, I wanted to take the time to publicly write out a nice little appreciation piece for this lovely little lady right here, @ladyasterxo.

You continue to pursue your purpose, even during times of confusion and discomfort, and I will always admire that about you. You recently turned 26, and as I reflect on our history together, I can't help but smile knowing we've continued to stay in each other's lives during a period where so many people lose touch with their foundation. I hope you've been enjoying your 20s as much as I've been enjoying mine. From your constant words of encouragement, to your frustrations on my behalf, I appreciate the love you've brought into my life, and continue to contribute to my life. I've said this a million times, but what we have here doesn't require a title. What we have is a life long understanding of each other, and I appreciate being a part of that.

In closing, I hope you continue to be yourself, and continue to grow deeper into your purpose (whatever that may be). As long as I'm alive, you will always be loved at any given moment on this floating rock. I ask only...that you stop leaving your bras hanging on doorknobs 😂😂😂. Love you beautiful, hope your work day is made better after reading this.

Ps. Damn, you cute haha ♥️. #vonpoevii #ladyaster

September 10th, 2018: Wanted to make an announcement with regards to, The TPOLAW Sessions. As most of you know, I'm a huge advocate for @Bandcamp, and have used them as a main hub for my works for a nice amount of years now. I really enjoy the fact that you add your lyrics, credits, custom artwork, merchandise, and now even videos to your profile. Aside from having a personal website, I think Bandcamp does a beautiful job keeping everything under one roof. So with that being said, I just wanted to let you all know, that the TPOLAW Sessions are now officially on my Bandcamp profile as well. And what makes this so special, is that each specific song has been assigned a part of that 3hr Interview. On top of that, the site is mobile friendly (just like my website), so you all can watch those videos from your phone while you browse over the lyrics and all the special information found on my profile.

The picture above is a preview of how it looks. The songs can be found on the left, as well as hardcopies and bundle packages. To the right, you have the album artwork (with reviews by all of you, under it), and when you pick a video to watch, it will play directly above the album artwork on the top right.

I know I sound super geeked about this because I am. This trilogy means so much to me, and I want to give you all as much as I can with regards to its longevity. You can expect the same type of interviews for chapters two and three; The Hype, and Forever Villainous, in the months to come. Once the other two album profiles are complete as seen above (just missing the interviews), then I'll start dropping music videos again. Anyway, back to work.

Ps. There is a section on my site and on my Bandcamp called "The Cult", it's a monthly subscription to my future endeavors. If you want to get a head start on it, feel free to join today. If you wanna wait until a later date, that's fine as well. Long live the real artist out there, don't let the cooperate world define your excellence. #vonpoevii #bandcamp #hiphop #threatculture

Mac Miller (swipe): I don't need to lie no more / Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind and / She don't cry no more / She tell me that I get her high, cause an angel's supposed to fly and / I ain't asking "Why?" no more / I take it if it's mine, I don't stay inside the lines / It ain't 2009 no more / Yeah, I know what's behind that door.

I wanted to leave you all with this beautiful performance from @MacMiller for @nprmusic, a few folks are sharing some clips, but no one is posting the full piece of him performing, 2009. If you've read my last post, you know my stance on the situation. Not much more to say other than the obvious, we lost a good one this time. Mac Miller, 26yrs of age. A moment of silence, swipe through the four pieces of this performance, and vibe out. Find your peace, dont let your depression break you, communicate your pains, and spread love. I'm done posting for the night, peace. #MacMiller #npr

September 7th, 2018: "I should of died already, came in I was high already / Everybody trippin' that my mind ain't steady, for my sins I should of been crucified already / Why the fuck you need me? Don't you know how to fly already? / Try to tell you that it ain't real, go and find that yeti / And it's all going down now, I've never been so ready" - @MacMiller (song: Inside Outside)

Sad day today, news of another troubled artist lost in his own addictions. Mac Miller was one of those artist who, unfortunately, didn't catch my ear until 2014 when he dropped his Faces EP. Up until that point I felt like dude was just rapping to rap, you know how that goes. But when he dropped Faces, I remember telling myself like "yo, this is his shift". Kind of like when Earl Sweatshirt dropped, "I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside", it was a moment when Mac Miller was stating his claim as an artist, separating himself from corporate appeal. I respected him for that, and it's sad to hear he couldn't find that balance of chaos and creativity.

I'll say the same thing I keep saying to all of you, take care of mental health. Because this shell of ours, it's temporary. The soul is forever, but this vessel can only take so much. Fucked up news man, on a Friday. Rest easy, and y'all should go give that Faces EP a listen, probably the most open and honest he's ever been about his addiction and depression. Great project, great artist. Until next time.

In closing: "Snowflakes keep falling on my debit card / I don't why I'm still awake / I gotta be up at ten tomorrow / There's snowflakes falling on my debit card / Swear I'm not alive, I couldn't tell you if we ever are / I might die before I detox / I'm recording like I'll die tomorrow / At the rate I'm getting high, it might be hard for me to find tomorrow". (song: Friends / Malibu) #macmiller

September 6th, 2018 (swipe): Now that I'm finally back in Los Angeles, after a lengthy sixteen hour drive divided between two days, I can finally bring my most recent Colorado trip recap to an end. I ask you all to swipe through these specific photos. Don't be upset Joogy (lol) I have some beautiful ass words to get off my chest. Let's get into it.

As most of you know from my previous post, I came out to Colorado to build with my broskie @joogymusic and his wife Tae, and learn about their family on a more personal level. I've known them six years, and this was just something that needed to happen. Moving forward, there is something so beautifully special about Joogy and Tae, and how their household operates with regards to their parenting and in their communication with each other. It's goddamn beautiful.

First of all, I've never witnessed a couple more calm and collected as these two right here. And I'm not saying it didn't take work, I wasn't there through all the growth they've gone through. But as far as what is present, pure poetry. They speak to each other and their kids, with love, always. Even during disagreements, it's love. The goals they've set for themselves are supported by each other one hundred percent, without question. The money, the gameplan, the strategy and execution, it's all spoken out beforehand and agreed upon. Most importantly, they follow through on their promise to each other. I'm telling you, it's really beautiful. Don't even get me started on the love they have and give to their two children (their daughter stayed hiding from the camera lol). There isn't enough praise I could give to them.

I'm very proud of you both. You've come such a long way, and you did it together. That's rare these days, but you two are proof that anything is possible so long as you make a committed choice to achieve it. Joogy, I'm so happy for you bruh. Aside from having a very smart and intelligent daughter, you've now got a beautiful baby boy as well, and I know you will do everything in your power to make sure your family is straight. I love y'all to the moon and back, very proud of everything you two have built for yourselves. #interracial #family #love

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