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Chad A. Marshall  Threat Culture | Film Head | Artist | Director I film the timeless and record my poetry.


The Economy of Poe (swipe): Dedication to one's craft, and how we present ourselves are what separate the amateur from the professional. Over the years, due to how down to earth I am, my talents have gotten intertwined with favors and hook ups. Not just with video work, but with everything I'm able to execute on my own.

Now I understand, a lot of people aren't able to do what I do, I get that. But what I seem to have a problem with, is folks acting like this is still highschool, or that my time is something that's accessible at given time. So what I've done here is created a five step break down, as to how you'd be better justified in thinking I owe you some of my time haha. So here we go.

1. The first panel is the homepage to my website, it serves as a foundation to all things related to me.

2. The second panel, The Director, is for those of you wanting video work from me. As you can see, there is a tab to see some of my work, a tab to download my contract, and a tab to submit your deposit.

3. The third panel, The Artist, is dedicated to any and all of you trying to buy my music and read my lyrics. Pretty simple right?

4. Now the fourth panel, Merchandise, well that's for the merchandise. And just like it cost me money to make the merchandise, it's gonna cost you to buy it. Super simple right? Coo.

5. Lastly, the fifth panel is dedicated to those of you who'd simply like to sponsor my works. I've been fortunate enough to have folks in my life who enjoy making donations from time to time for whatever reasons, thank you for that. It's very appreciated.

All in all, those are the basics of my economy. It's 2018 folks. Study the site, mark it down in your notebook, memorize the five points, whatever lol. Because if you are not contributing to it, I will forever be amazed and (at the same time) puzzled as to how you think you are entitled to my time and / or services haha. That's all folks. #director #artist #videographer #editor #freelance #work #business

"Im waking up to yet another issue / We've been them niggas since the root, we ain't got time to miss you" - VON POE VII

New teaser for my latest project, Forever Villainous. Now streaming exclusively on my website. Will be streamable on all major service providers January 21st, enjoy the melodies. #vonpoevii #new #album #forevervillainous #villain #hiphop #threatculture

"I once knew of a man who, instead of running from his demons, embraced them in all their glory. In time, their hate grew into his inspiration. Their pain, his motivation. A true villain" - VII

If there ever existed a photograph of my alter ego, that summed up exactly what that person looks like, this would be the photo. There is a constant grim I walk with, a darkness that I've grown extremely comfortable with exploiting in my poetry. Long live the Villainous.

Photography 📷: @josh_shot_this, forever grateful to that man right there. Appreciate you. #vonpoevii #villain #vii #pain #grim #darkness #threatculture

Domestic Terrorist 2 (swipe): It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to announce the second chapter to my brother @PapaJRuiz's "Domestic Terrorist" collection, part two is now officially out on our Threat Culture YouTube channel!

I want to take this moment to not only congratulate my brodie on another release, and a great start to 2018, but for also creating something amazing with your wifey @traceeeeeeeeee (Happy Bornday sis). Editing you two being all mushy was weird, but that's because what y'all got is real love. And whenever real love is displayed, well, people get all butterflies and stuff in their stomach haha. Love y'all, and I'm extremely proud of you two for many reasons ya dig?! Coo beans.

To my guy @dev_twon, you really orchestrated this little production right here. I thank you for that.

We have a big year of goals and more goals, so let's keep this energy going, and really take this new wave of energy to the next level! To all the fellas, thank y'all for coming through for the video, teamwork makes the dream work! I always enjoy filming my peoples! #papajruiz #domestic #terrorist #hiphop #threatculture

Divine Bloodline (@lordsticky x @vic_virtuoso) just dropped a quick little visual last night for their track "Two Desperados". Swipe left after watching the first clip, to watch the second have of the visual.

Also, y'all make sure you peep their self titled project and be on the lookout for all things 2018! Everyone in my circle going hard this year! #divinebloodline #lordsticky #vicvirtuoso #tanboys #threatculture #hiphop

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." - Martin Luther King Jr.

I could revisit my life's story up until this moment a million times over, learning something new through each passing. I think we all can, should we choose to. But a future rooted in the past, is bound to repeat itself. That's something I have no interest enabling.

I was asked for a long time, a very long time, about my stepping into the shadows for these last few years. Choosing to stand behind the camera, instead of in front of it. The simple answer is, it's easier to enjoy the world as an introvert when you're behind the camera. No one bothers you, no one really knows your face (the reason for the mask as well). I was simply more interested in learning more about myself, than I was about a bunch of strangers assuming they knew more about me than I did lol. I had reached a point during the creation of The TPOLAW Trilogy, where I grew extremely disappointed in the culture of Hip Hop and social media. I grew tired of it on a mainstream level, I grew saddened by what the "underground" scene had become, and disappointed in what YouTube views were doing to my friends. All of that, so I fell back from it.

I also had found myself at a crossroads. I'm really good with visuals, and that's a bad combination when it comes to friends who want fame. Because when you're good at something, friends will be the first ones to take advantage of it. I was dealing with that, on many levels, and needed to know (for my own sanity) who was really rockin' with me like family. That was a tragedy of its own, truth be told lol. Very Shakespearian, in my opinion.

I ended up finding myself, and walked away from that therapeutic exercise a better me. I want to, again, thank you all for your patience over the years. I will not fail you, long live the villainous.

Photography 📷: @josh_shot_this (no Instagram filter, just talent). #vonpoevii #poet #legacy #photography #art #thankyou #threatculture

"My Granny on my father's side, just happy that I had a chance to meet you in my twenties / And I'm thankful for the conversations, vividly painted / You've done so much for Pops, I hope you'll be smiling down from heaven / Cause I'm standing at your bedside, just watching as you're sleeping / They say that cancer's in your brain, and death is soon to creep in / You living off of ice cubes, and an I.V. for nutrients / Beatrice, a miracle the strength you've shown through all of this / I smile for you" - VII (swipe)

Today was an historic moment for my lineage. An event eighty-six (86) years in the making, something I've been waiting a large chunk of my life for, and finally had a chance to witness!

Back in the 1930s, two country girls from Louisiana, the grandchildren of slaves, were born into the world. Unaware of each other's existence, they survived America during one of its darkest moments. Lynch mobs, having to run from the Ku Klux Klan, segregation and all the BS that came along with it. They witnessed World War 2, the rise and fall of Hitler, the death of Emmett Till, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, the rise of Rosa Parks, the aftermath of the Civil Rights movement, The Black Panther Party, and so many more historic moments in American history.

At some point they both moved to California, where they worked in the same factory building planes for Boeing (yes, they welded plane wings and the flooring of those things). They ended up getting married a few times, having a few kids (and grandkids), before entering the beautiful chapter of their eighties (80s) without still ever meeting or knowing each other.

January 14th, 2018: After 86yrs of life on this Earth, my grandma, and my granny finally met each other face to face. Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "how did your parents' moms not know each other?". The answer to that is simple, my Pops wasn't a part of my life until these last five years. The rest need not be said. With my Pop's mom having terminal cancer, I'm just happy these two could make amends in person, while life still lives embraces the both of them Blessed. #family #history #grandma #granny #photography

January 12th, 2018: There's a storm approaching, as The Villain prepares his return. Enjoy the silence, his reign won't be as forgiving... Photo by 📷: @josh_shot_this, long live the villainous. #vonpoevii #vii #forevervillainous #threatculture #photography

Warporn Industries | One Year Later (swipe): Was driving around this evening, thinking back on some of my brightest moments in 2017, and how I'd like to raise the bar even higher this year. At some point, I began to think about the numerous memories made with my Warporn Industries family, but couldn't remember when exactly it started. I jumped in my email, and went back an entire year, to January 8th, 2017. Remembering that on that exact day, I was invited to brodie @ogeverlast's studio via a text from brodie @sickjacken, where I linked with both of them and had the pleasure of meeting brodie @divinestyler_1. All of that, one year ago. So I just wanted to take a second to speak briefly on these men, my appreciation for them, as well as my congratulations on the team reaching a year together.

Everlast: Working with you, has been a real learning experience. But getting to know you on a personal level, that's where the jewels have been. You're a really complexed, talented, and educated, introverted nerd haha. In a really awesome way, and I understand why the a lot of folks might misunderstand your artistic madness. Thank you for taking a chance on me, thank you for taking me on the road and trusting my vision. Also, thank you for always speaking direct. You can be knucklehead sometimes, but name an artist who isn't haha. I'm looking forward to new memories 2018.

Sick Jacken: Brodie, when we linked up for @thenotoriousblackwidow 's short film, and she told you to check me out, you didn't have to. But you did. Not only that, you were the one who told me to link with Ev. Little did I know, you were setting me up to be the man that documented the birth of a supergroup, an entire year of travel, and countless dope memories. YOU single handedly set that up. You've been the kindest, calmest, most laid back artist I've ever worked with, and I thank you for that. I hope the same for this year as well.

Divine Styler: Lastly, the ageless guru himself. Brodie, you have been a mentor more than anything this year. Your input, wisdom, and perspective really helped me navigate through 2017 with a clear conscience and peace of mind. Can't thank you enough, all of you. #ThankYou

January 11th, 2018: What is the cost of your freedom worth to you, and how hard are you willing to work to obtain it? That's a question I ask myself a lot, especially when I get an idea for art and poetry. I love the feeling of being an indie artist. Regardless of how difficult my journey might seem, I know deep down that I'm extremely fortunate in the bigger scale of things.

Having access to internet, social media in general, the knowledge to record myself and make my own artwork for my music. Being able to film and direct, and build a website of my own. It's all (at the end of the day) a very fortunate situation for me. I know I've never really pushed visuals behind my music as much as many have wanted me to. But the truth is, I wanted to finish the TPOLAW Trilogy first. I wanted to grow more as an artist, and spend a few years on myself for once. Instead of pushing a gang of different artists.

I like to reflect on my track record from time to time. All the cats I've put on, or come ups I've contributed to, and smile about it. Because I know, as I've always known, that the second I decided to push myself with as much love and passion as I had done so for everyone else, that I'd be just fine. That's what this year is all about, and I'm happy to be in a position to apply so many years of life lessons to my own story. It's a great feeling.

Four days ago I released, Forever Villainous, exclusively on my website. You all have been so generous and supportive of this project these past three days, that I've decided not to wait til February to put it on the bigger streaming services. My way of saying "thank you", to everyone who does more than just like a picture. For every share, shout out, comment, direct message, and purchase. Thank you all very much.

Forever Villainous, will be streamable on all major streaming providers by the end of the week. Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc. They've all received the project, and are currently putting it into their databases.

To another productive year, my most productive with regards to the vision. As always, long live the villainous. 📷: @josh_shot_this, thank you broski. #vonpoevii #thankyou

Attention: My brotha @papajruiz just dropped a new single for y'all, titled "Prayers and Amens" produced by @llx_3c, featuring that Roman Faced Villain, POE! Hahaha. I'm feeling good after this one, Papa J. Ruiz will be droppin an a new album this year as well! I repeat, Papa J. Ruiz will be droppin' a new album this year.

So head over to the Threat's YouTube channel to peep the full song, and be on the lookout for more news surrounding J's upcoming project. Expect a lot of updates this year in general, a lot in the works! More focus, more drive, let's get it! #vonpoevii #papajruiz #threatculture #vii #iii #rap #hiphop #music

January 9th, 2018: It's been two days since the release of, Forever Villainous. The rollout was very special to me, as it always is with my art and poetry. I don't like pre-planning my drops, I don't like staging paid write ups. I enjoy simply dropping my art on the people, and letting them do with it as they want. So with that being said, thank you to everyone who peeped it so far, every share and blog write up that followed after. It really means a lot.

I want to speak on something I forgot to mention in the last post, hardcopies and vinyls are coming late Spring / early summer. Doing something really special with those, and since I'm my own illustrator / photoshop user designing everything, it's gonna take some time. But I can't wait to drop those on you as well.

Also, I recently acquired "ForeverVillainous.com" and am in the process of making that a hub for the Villainous movement. That's not to get it misunderstood, because the THREAT is forever. Threat Culture has always been the umbrella for the VII, and for @papajruiz's iii brand. That won't change at all. ForeverVillainous.com (once it's completed) will simply be the homebase for all my music, lyrics, villain merch, and interviews. All of which will continue to be sponsored and funded by Threat Culture Media.

It's a lot to take in, I know. But it'll all make sense in the near future. Also, THREAT merch is sold of the THREAT site (ThreatCulture.media) haha, I don't host it on my personal / director site.

Here's to an amazing year of focus and hard work, let's add another brick to this castle we call life! To my brodie @josh_shot_this, amazing photography work my friend. Let's keep this going (y'all go follow that man). LONG LIVE THE VILLAINOUS! #vonpoevii #artist #goals #threatculture #villain #ambition

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