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Monica Madriz🦀  God is good and I am not | 13 GenCoupe

When Kanye sang me and my friends favorite song❤️ #TheLifeOfPablo #BucketListCheck

Drake last night🔥 #SummerSixteenTour

Queen B last night🐝✨ Happy Birthday @simplynessa18_

When the cakes attack... @bunnypeaches #JustWantedCandy 🍑🍭

One day Genni, I promise⚡️ #blox

Spotted some sandone❤️ #FeelingsInABox #Sandoner #Sandone

Hi, I almost flipped over today 😁😭 #IPeedOnTheseShoesMonthsAgo

TB to that one time Genni's ass made me trip😂 #GenCoupe #VonCrst

To the night my Mom did everything in her power to help me. To the night I sat in the hospital numb and confused as hell with blood matted into my hair and eyelashes, a voice inside me told me to hold on because this would be a long ride. To all the surgeries. To all the moments of disappointment after hearing that my body rejected the procedure. To my Family who comforted me, and did everything in their power to help me. To my Friends who never failed to put a smile on my face no matter how much I didn't want to. To all the surgeons and doctors who've worked non stop. To the nights of no sleep and to the days of non stop pain. Here it is, the final product is here and it's coming. We all carry a struggle and at the moment it may seem never ending but trust me everything gets better in time, keep going. Please keep going.
4 years down. I'm done I feel amazing and no one, absolutely no one can destroy my happiness tonight as I lay down in complete peace knowing that it's all done. Thank you❤️ #4LongYears #WeDidIt

Sorry, I guess? 😂

In case you're having a bad day, here is a picture of my sisters fur baby trying to eat a watermelon❤️🐩 You're welcome. #Puppy

She's just full of surprises 😍 #FormationTour #HoldUp