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Zaker T  Art Catalog XVIII

“You will find him hiding in the blue galactic territory. I have big expectations for you.” : 9th orbital : MOOD NOKRAZ : #sun #nucleus #waterfalls #mission #jedisith #yoda #redglow #returnofshonuff #lifestar #rearrange #things #your #way #architecture #framework #concepts #floatingcastles #omararchitecture #bananahanger #physics #curlhomes #coils #rooted #dreadlocked #steel #rebar #foundation : “He is cunning as a fox. Do not hesitate.” “I can dig it. I must destroy all of my green cousins. There can be only one.” “Yes. Yesss......” “I do not trust her. Too much of her father.” “Mmmhmm.”

“Tonight I showed you the power of the red glow. Now you must be tested.” : Yodi The First Jedi Sith : Daughter Of Yoda : Ninja Assassin Green And O Light : R3PO : #omar #omarart #thecrimsonside #both #at #the #same #time #fantasyart #amputeewarrior #yoda #daughter : “Yes Empress.” “No bad news.” “No bad news.” “Beep Bop Boop.”

“No more bets. The number is...” : Empress Ruby : Roulette : Star Wars O : Life Star : oil on canvas : #starwars #omar #omarhashim #art #artcatalog #fantasy #stories : “Twenty two black.” “I hit again. I’m on fire tonight.”

“I’m all in.” : Princess Bobi : Texas Hold What You Can : 30*40 : acrylic on canvas : @voli78 @brazil_bad_ : “Hmmmphh. Fold.” “Player six takes the pot.” “I see that you like to bluff.” “Oh yeah? Call me then if you are so sure.”

“Nothing much Ki.” : Princess Bobi : Sixth : 30*40 : acrylic on canvas : @voli78 @brazil_bad_ : “There’s my girl. Hey Lava! She has forgotten all about me.” “Let’s go to the casino?” “That’s cool. Let’s go.”

“What’s up?” : Princess Kira : Third

“We fight as one no matter the odds.” : Immortal Lovers : Shoguns : Zaker Eight Pawn : Nayfa And Stripe O Lo: “I miss the grotto.” “Pick up your shield, the grotto can wait. I’m going to attack low. Block high.” “Alright.”

“Ah fykh.” “He captured your second rook. Your move Empress.” : Ruth Icestar : 30*48 : oil on canvas : “After I take your castles you can finally move in with me. Advance my pawn another cubit.” “I have other castles. Advance my knight.”

“Nearly twelve so far.” “Kufre wah ti?” : Cousin Rathi Bell II : Ruth’s Left Bishop : 30*48 : oil on canvas : “Let me light the stones. Is this the lever? Like this?” ☄️☄️☄️☄️ “Beautiful... What are you waiting for? Reload the catapults!”

“Take your squares, but use caution. There will be two matches. See you on the other side.” “See you on the other side.” : John Bully And Dayze : Ruth’s Left Knight : Chess Game : Match One Of Two : 30*48 : oil on canvas : “We meet again. Kael the thief.”

“The dice roll shows number four. Zaker will defend. The pulled card is the Bird Nest. Ruth may choose a maximum of two siege weapons. Well?” : Whales In The Abyss : “Well?” “.....and that one.” “Who goes first in the second match?” “No change.” “I got money. I got big money! Raise.” “Call.” “Capture the flag. You may begin.”

“Make way!!” “Those are not normal elephants.” “Impossible. Vigor?” “Those two will never stop growing.” : Ambu V The Botanist Supreme : Andre The Giant Of The Xoh Elephant Line : Elephant Knights : Fertile Hybrid Vigor : “Long time cousin. Who is their strategist? Do we have a count?” “.....and that’s that.” “Bishop. I didn’t see you over there.”

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