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Julia Shore  21, #HamOnt, pretty much always crying

I think I already posted this here but I'm not sure so here it is anyway (from @textsfromyourexistentialist)

selfies were hard before smartphones #foundphotography #vernacularphotography #film

tryna showcase this @cakeandloafbakery cream egg brownie (10/10) but Titan was too interested

when nonno's crazy wife starts talking about how the Muslims are trying to eradicate Christian symbolism 🙃 & also, she acknowledged that her iridologist is not a doctor 😭 #godhelpme #nonnosüberreligiousconspiracytheoristwife #needanothercoffee

"I regret this" - me, 1996-always

can't believe it's taken me so long to start this book?! really excited! #bookstagram #theenglishpatient #michaelondaatje

been letting Misty have sits outside and she loves it 🐈

Went to the end (beginning?) of my Instagram this week and found some cute af throwbacks, hey @jwildish17 ❤️ #tbt (2012) (I miss using old Instagram filters sometimes)


My heart is SO FULL and I am SO HAPPY. @arkellsmusic #ArkellsHamOnt

After 800 years of waiting I finally saw Frank Turner live and my depressed ass is feeling blessed #ArkellsHamOnt @frankturner

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