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  VOKRA is a no-kill, non-profit cat rescue located in Vancouver, Canada. Cats pictured are available for adoption.


Kendrick's a wonderful kitty companion! He's affectionate and loves to meet new people. He's also quite athletic and has the softest fur coat you can imagine. He was spotted hanging out around an East Vancouver apartment building and, being a very social kitty, would approach passing humans to seek out food and affection. During Kendrick’s medical checkup it was discovered he'd been declawed and has a hyperthyroid issue (which explains his lean physique) and he'll likely require a daily pill going forward. Otherwise, this elegant looking guy is healthy, loving and an absolute joy to have around! If you're interested in adopting Kendrick click the link in our bio to visit our website and learn more about adopting through us. #cats #rescue #catrescue #vancouver #adopt #adoptdontshop #rescue #fostercat 📷: @ramblinghoundphoto

Missy's a sweet and affectionate cat who will run to greet you at the door when you arrive home. She originally came to us in 2009 and was adopted to a happy home. Sadly her owner has passed and now she's looking for a new start. She loves to cuddle and will sit and 'pet' you until she gets a few pats. She likes a little back and forth chit chat and, even though she's a senior, she'll still play sometimes. She loves looking out the window and meowing at the birds outside. She is on some medication but is really good at taking it. With a soft voice and a pet afterwards she's happy. Missy is shy at first but once she gets to know you she'll be all over your lap looking for love. If you're interested in adopting Missy click the link in our bio to visit our website and learn more about adopting through us. #cats #recue #catrescue #vancouver #adopt #adoptdontshop #rescue #fostercat 📷: @ramblinghoundphoto

This is Dugan, a.k.a. lil' d. He was trapped along with his mom who was unfortunately covered in fleas. We wanted to ensure she's flea free, so he's temporarily being bottle fed until they can be reunited (hopefully tomorrow). Fun fact: He "must" drink with at least one paw out. When he's burritoed he'll squirm until his paw is free and then he's content to chow down! #kittens #fosterkitten #bottlebabies #rescue #vokra

Percy's a loving and attentive guy, with a great personality. He loves to follow you around for attention, purring loudly whenever he gets it. He'll greet you eagerly at the door when you return home with a few meows to say hello. He's also playful and intelligent and can do a few tricks such as “high five” and “kiss”. If you're interested in adopting Percy click the link in our bio to visit our website and learn more about adopting through us. #cats #recue #catrescue #vancouver #adopt #adoptdontshop #rescue #fostercat

Fleas are one of the many dangers kittens born on the street face. Fleas feed on blood so imagine what an infestation like this can do to a small kitten. Loss of blood can cause anemia and in severe cases it often leads to death. Here you can see our co-founder Karen meticulously combing out fleas from one of several kittens in a flea riddled litter. Please spay and neuter! #vokra #rescue #kittens #rescuekittens #rescuecat #adopt #kittenseason

This Father's Day we're celebrating all the cats who will never be fathers again! The gentlemen pictured here are a very small handful of the males who have gone through our TNR program. TNR stands for Trap-Neuter-Return and describes the process of trapping feral cats, spaying or neutering them, and then returning them to the location they came from. TNR's a big part of what we do as it’s the most effective and humane way to help control the feral cat population. #cats #rescue #fathersday #tnr #vancouver

No Caturday would be complete without some kittens! These little hobos were found on a CN train and were born somewhere between the Prairies and Vancouver. The folks at the train yard have been keeping an eye out for mom, but no luck so far. It's a good thing orphaned kittens are one of our specialties! ❤️🐱#kittens #cats #caturday #fosterkittens #bottlebabies #rescue #vancouver

Mimosa's done a wonderful job taking care of her five cocktail kittens and now the time has come for her to find a perfect forever home. From the moment she arrived at her foster's home she's been wonderfully friendly and confident. Despite raising five of her own kittens she's still a playful young kitten herself!
Mimosa's a confident young lady who loves to greet people when they arrive home. Her cheeky smile and big round eyes will melt your heart, as will her cuddles and sweet purrrs. Mimosa and her son Mojito are great friends so they're looking for their forever home together. If you're interested in adopting Mimosa and Mojito, click the link in our bio. #cats #kittens #adopt #vancouver #rescue #caturday

Meet Hunt, Mark and Alex. These three gentlemen are just 3 of April's 10 kittens. With so many kittens, April isn't able to care for them all on her own. She simply doesn't have enough milk to support this many babies and, if she would have given birth on the street, it's certain some of them would not be alive today.
Thankfully we were able to rescue April in time and she gave birth in a safe space. Her foster mom Brenda is ensuring all the kittens get enough to eat through bottle feeding so everyone's thriving. Kittens in our care have a chance at a happy, safe and healthy life. ❤️ #kittens #rescue #fosterkittens #bottlebabies #adoptdontshop #adopt #vancouver #vokra

Callie's one of 10 kittens born to mama April. (10! 😲) Each year during kitten season more than 900 kittens are born in our care. .
#kittens #cats #fosterkittens #bottlebaby #vancouver #adopt #adoptdontshop

Behold the mighty hunters! No ping pong ball stands a chance with these ferocious beasts stalking them! .
These three kittens were abandoned in a box at the side of a busy road, along with a couple more kittens, several young adults, a couple of moms and a dad. By the time we arrived all the cats and kittens had managed to escape the boxes and needed to be trapped. Considering where they were dumped it's a miracle none of them were run over. If you have unwanted animals there are resources and help available. Dumping is not a solution.
#rescue #kittens #kittenseason #adopt #vancouver #vokra

Ducky's a beautiful cat looking for a calm home with a dog companion as she lives with two small calm dogs in her foster home and enjoys them. She's wonderfully playful and enjoys a snuggle once she's had her playtime. Her favourite activities include racing up and down the stairs and her cat tree, zooming through her tunnel and chasing the laser pointer. If you're interested in adopting Tina click the link in our bio to visit our website and learn more about adopting through us. #cats #kittens #catrescue #vancouver #adopt #adoptdontshop #rescue #fostercat 📷: @wagntrailsvancity

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