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By @khloedosh

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Her skin is so clear, im jealous lol
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This is not something I'm used to post.
I've shared on this account my journey to my best self.
☝🏼But gaining muscle is not an easy task ! You need to bulk - lifting heavy and eating at a calorie surplus for several months. This is what I did from August, 2016 to April, 2017.
Yes, I gained muscle mass. BUT I've also gained fat - you can not only build muscles while bulking. And you have to accept to see your body change
⚑️It has not been easy but you won't grow without challenging yourself. However, in order to lose the visceral fat I inevitably gained, I started a cut on April 17th - till June 19th. Just eating slightly less, moving more, and trusting the process
⚠️ I'm not saying we need to eradicate all our body fat. I won't even go to a very low body fat percentage - because my health matters more than the way I look. Do it for the good reasons πŸ’ž βœ… This is so amazing πŸ™Œ
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