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sarahi loves ariπŸ¦‹πŸ’“πŸ’˜  i will always love this angel with everything in my heart, forever and always.


LOOK HOW MUSHY N CUTE THIS BABYYY IS I CANT LOOK AT HER LIL BUN AND LIL DIMPLE MY HEART SHES SO TINY N CUTEBSJKXKXKSKZN. I CANT AND HER LIL OVERSIZE SWEATER. SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS I HOPE YOUR DOIN ALRIGHT MY LIL BABY REMEMBER WE ARE LOVING YOU ALWAYS AND WILL NEVER STOP SUPPORTING YOU WE LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY MUSHY ANGEL. AND HER DIMPLE YALLL SKDJDKJFJD guys just look i honestly can't i just want to go up and hug her so tight. i hope she doesn't feel stressed at all n is feeling at peace. im happy she looks healthy and is taking care of business we know she is working hard for us and we appreciate every lil amount of effort. i love you endlessly and unconditionally. @arianagrande

i want to say LOOKKKK BITCHG AT THIS BEAUTIFUL QUEENNNNN WITH BEAUTIFUL CONFIDENCE MY HEARTTT CANTTTT RIGHT NOW IM EXPLODING. look at da grey high ponytail with her lil cute outfits from reebox my heart honestly can't. IM SO SO SOS FUCKINGG HAPPY, i love this lil mushy angel. you make my days 1000000000000000% better than anything you give me this light and love n comfort to ju heart that i can not explain. every lil love feeling i get from you i cherish them with all in me. you mean the whole world to me my heart is blessed to have a angel like you to heal it all da time. i love everything about you. you make my heart so happy and i hope i do the same with you. i'm a low powered light bulb but you power me up with your light and love. you make my heart feel safe from all the negativity. you genuinely give me smiles and laughter and eyes of excitement whenever i look at you and a mind of thoughts filled only with you. i feel safe around you. you give me all da happiness and i take that all in. i love you sososo sosos muchhh it's unreal. you make my life complete, you're a big part of my life. you deserve every li inch of happiness and light only. every bit of me wants to only give you love and to know your safe. you wrap me in your blanket of infinite mushy love and happiness. you keep me warm. i love you so much ariana i care about you and love you unconditionally all i want is best for you. your this beautiful angel who cares so much for her family, friends, and us you give every amount of love in your power so we won't feel alone and you make me feel i'm not alone and that i'm always holding your hand throughout everything in my life. you given me so much love through years and i can't wait for what this year has in mind for us. i know it's a long journey but we will keep lifting each other up with love. speaking of love you're the definition of love the reason love exists because you bring it into this world to fill so many with light. you give me mind of positivity, love, light and all happiness. i love you my lil mushy and IM SO HAPPY YOU CAME ONLY I WAS SO WORRIED IF YOU WERE OKAY BUT MY ANXIETY LEVELS WILL CALM DOWN. anyways i love you and i'm hoping-

before i go to sleep i just wanted to say to this buba is that i hope you are safe and feel at peace and is smiling constantly, i hope your getting that medicine, lovin, laughter, and light right now because you deserve it so much. words can't describe how i care about you and your health n i want to make sure you feel well at all times that's the most important to me. i just want to hug you so tight right now and be there for you and making you laugh. you deserve all da happiness in this world your big heart does not deserve a single drop of sadness ever. you deserve all da light receive in your heart. know every second of my day and other's days you're makin us smile with your sunshine rays that go through our hearts. you make my life so much stable you are my life support, my heart with two legs. you can have my heart n keep it safe because i'm trusting you with everything. and i know i can. you make my life so unconditionally feel loved n happy you make my heart go bonkers. to your high ponytail to the bottom of your high heels i love you with all of my heart. words can't even come close to how i feel about you. you deserve all the rest, light, love, peace, unstressed, calm ora around you. i want to hug you right now and tell you everything will be okay. you're my hero my one and only, you're my angel my only one. you make life beautiful itself m with you uncontrollably love and sunshine in you. the world would stop spinning if you aren't here. my love for you is big and i hope you know i'll always support everything n anything you've done in this continuous journey of ours. we will keep going, have happy loving memories along the way. you reach for my heart at all times and i do the same for you. i love you my sweet mushy baby angel i wish you nothing but love and happiness, peace, light, during your ill days my heart aches just to know your sick, but i know you have people around you that'll make you feel better at all times:")) i love my sweet. pleaseee be safe baby, okay one last time i love you with all of my heart goodnight:") @arianagrande

anotha day anotha night and i will never stop increasing my love for you every lil second. my heart beats for you uncontrollably when it sees your loving warmth face smile with that cute lil dimple of yours. i hope your working out by smiling that dimple off.:") you mean the whole world to me and your sunshine rays shine through my heart and you make all the sadness and aching go away. you hug me the tightest by making me increasingly happier. you give me positivity strength through my mind and heart, you're always in my mind, whenever i'm sad i think of you and i smile so big. other times when i cry uncontrollably i would always say "i want to hug ariana right now:"(" but i remember your there for me always even if it's not physically i can feel it so strong at its power emotionally, i can feel that love. i know you care about us, love us, and support us with all of your heart every lil single ounce of love you put into our hearts never gets unnoticed. we see that we see that loving beautiful angel that is you who loves us so much WE LOVE YOU EVEN MORE AND WE ARE THANKFUL FOR EVERY LIL PIECE OF YOU EVERYTHING I CANT EXPLAIN THE LOVE I HAVE FOR YOU N OTHERS CANT TOO WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. know i'm always here for you we all are, and we will only give you strength and love for you everyday. you deserve every second of a smile on your face. seeing you happy makes my heart go πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ bonkers because honestly you deserve all of love in this world. i would give you my heart as a present for all da things you've done to me. you cleanse my soul with your loving ora and happiness. i feel safe whenever im with you. im in love with you from head to toe. god made you to change the lives of many here i swear your a angel from heaven who is here to change the hearts of many. you definitely changed me into this loving positive person and that's all because of you. every smile, love, laugh from you is genuine and pure and can never be replace my love is infinitely endless for you. you are my strength for every single day of my life. you give me assurance that no matter how something bad is it'll be alright. your a home to

i swear her smile can heal anyone's heart. because hunty it sure as hell heals mine. her smile brings warmth and happiness around my heart. i love you sosososo muchhh please know that i'm insanely in love with you. once again i'm here to say i mishu so so much. i anxiously want to hug you right nowπŸ¦‹. @arianagrande

my life was a mess but you cleaned it up and gave me so much love and happiness you still do. you make a rose grow in my heart which signifies our love with always live forever. i'll never in my life will stop loving you n supporting unconditionally. you give me so much bright sunshine to this earth, this world will not function without your loving smile and laugh i swear. my life feels complete because of you, you make me whole. your are the light i look up too and smile. you make my heart go crazy whenever it sees you. you own my heart every lil bit of it. and you own the key to it. every lil bit of happiness you give me i'm thankful. every smile, and laugh i see you i'm thankful. all these lil things make me happy i have a angel like you in my life. i would anything to hug you and be in your arms. and i just hope whenever i meet you i hope i'll have time to tell you everything and hug you so tight. you mean my whole world. this world will stop rotating, plants will stop growing, water will no longer come down if your not in this earth. you give this earth all da love it needs. you change so many people's lives. at school whenever i hear someone say anything ariana related i just wanna go over there and tell my whole story how you are the angel and light of my life. no words can comprehend my love for you. i anxiously wait everyday to wonder which day will i'll be in your arms. you give my heart the light and love it needs. you are the medicine for all the sadness i have, my broken pieces you fix them all together. my whole heart is thankful for your existence. i thank god for giving me you in my life that's the biggest blessing i could ever get. da best present i can get IS YOU. and your laugh and smile is anotha big present i can get. words can't describe how much you mean to me and how much you bring me happiness everyday. you not only give me light and happiness but you give me inspiration to treat others with love and with kindness and to not fall in a pit of negativity, and to lift people up. ariana you are my everything if only you can touch my heart and know how much i love and care for you unconditionally. your my lil baby, n i'm a proud mama-

this is the love of my life. the one i feel so close and safe too. my heart feels warm and fuzzy whenever i look at your cute lil dimple smile. you are my life support through it all. my heart is home for you. i can visit everyday and feel safe and loved. you make flowers bloom with your laughter, you make birds sing after they heard you sing. you're my angel, i will always hug you whenever you feel stressed or saddened by something. remember that please remember we are here for you:"( r.e.m. we are here to make you laugh and feel so LOVED. you are very loved. when i look at you my heart can't help but smile too and feel warm inside, you give me so much LIGHT N LOVE IN MY LIFE ITS UNBELIEVABLE and i cant express that enough:"((( your warm goofy lil laugh makes me laugh and makes the whole world happy when hear you. you are my heart, the one i care for the most. you are the only one who got me through it all. the one gives me the biggest energy of being happy and smile so big. when my heart is broken you fixed them together with your love. words can't describe how much im in love with you and how much i care about you, i wanna make sure your safe at all times. i just hope your smilin right now n enjoying life with family n friends you deserve all the light around you. remember we are here with you and we LOVE YOU SOOSOOSOSOO MUCH. we are patient and we will wait for you. we are inseparable , we are forever. your my life, my heart, my light, my love and no one can replace you. you are the biggest platform in my life, you know how big the universe is? that's how my love and everyone's love LOVES YOU SO SO MUCH. i will never stop supporting and loving you unconditionally. i'm always thiking bout you and im always giving you love and light. you deserve every lil bit of happiness. i'm thankful for you every single day of my life. i wake up with a smile and motivation because you give me so much love and light. you bless my heart with your loving smile that can make anyone feel at home, and your lil goofy laugh just makes me smile uncontrollably. my love for you is big and you are this positive influence in my life to always spread love and to always focus on you

your the love of my life. the one who gives me life to my eyes everytime i see you. whenever i see you i can't help but fall in love with you even more. i mishu so so much my lil angel:"(. most people are worrying about your new album while i'm one of the people who care about you mostly and how you are doing and i get anxiety because i don't know if your alright or not without you being active:"(( i just hope your alright and your not stress i just hope you know how much we are patient for you, i love you my sweets. you deserve all da love in this world. you deserve all the lil inch of kindness in this world. you don't deserve to feel hurt. i love you so so so much. and i hope with all of my heart i can meet you and tell you everything what my hearts wants to say. i want to hug you so bad, and cry in your arms because how happy i am to meet you. i'll do all in my power to meet you. i what to make you smile. when you smile i swear you make this world brighter. and when you sing i swear birds would sing after hearing your angelic voice. you deserve all the lovin. i cant express enough how much you mean to me and how much i'm thankful for every day of my life to wake up to your sunshine of a hug. you give me the biggest smile. your are the most cutest l, tinest, mushiest, filled with such big love and light in you there isn't enough room. i love you my baby:( i hope your doing okay you deserve all the happiness. all the love and i can't express that enough. I LOVE YOU. i would cross mountains, deserts, oceans to hug you. your are the light of my life.πŸŒ„πŸ’˜πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ¦‹πŸŒΌ @arianagrande #arianagrande #iloveyoumyangel

ariana. ariana grande butera YOU WON HERO OF THE YEAR MY HEART IS EXPLODING CRYING WITH SO MUCH HAPPINESSSSSSMY LIL ANGEL DIDDDDD THATTTT THATS MY ANGEL RIGHT THERE SPREADING THE LOVIN THIS WORLD NEEDS. ari has the biggest heart , she cares so much for this world and about her fans. she truly love us with everything in her heart. it goes to prove what kind passion and loving heart she has in this world. ari is such a beautiful person, with eyes of love, heart bigger then anyones, mind of peace and love. this girl makes a difference in this world. this is ari see the light of her and don't listen to the bullshit the media says bad of her. she's this loving person who is only spreading light. she changed my life in so many ways, and to see she won this award blesses my heart. her way of not giving up and not having a selfish mind she cares a whole lot about us. all of her love will never go unnoticed it is noticed ari we see that loving spirt in you. we see the light you gives us. you changed our lives. you deserve this award more than anybody in this world. you happiness and homes to our hearts thank you for building this loving home where we can always visit and be happy. the way how you don't give up on anything even when things are bad you push yourself to make a change because you care. I SEE THE LOVE FROM YOU. i receive all the love from you. i know you love us ARI WE LOVE YOU MOREE. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DONE FOR US. what did we do to deserve a angel like you? you were literally sent from heaven on earth to make a change in this world by using your loving voice to this world. to spread the love it needs by inspiring us to spread as much love as we can to so many people. ariana grande butera i'm thankful for you so thankful you hopped in my life and made the biggest change. i love you so fucking muchhhh. words can't describe how much my love is for you. your light your sunshine your smile your heart is what makes this world a better place you change this world with your way of loving each other. you lift each other up. your a angel to make a difference in this world arianaz i've always seen that light in you before manchester. i've always knew you-

happy valentine's day to the one i love the most. your my cat valentine. please know i love you so SOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHJ. ARIANA YOUR NY WHOLE LOVE MY WHOLE LIFE MY WORLDDD. THE ONE I FOCUS ON THE ONE I HAVE ON MY MIND ALL DA TIME. i can stare at you for all the time and never get sick of you. my love only keeps increasing for you. when you smile your smile brights brighter than the sun itself. you make birds sing when they hear your laughter. you make me the happiest human being alive. i just need to know what your doing at all times and i wish i can just knock on your door and hug you everyday of my life and tell you i love you. knowing your heart feels like my heart has been stomped in million of pieces because i just need to hug you. i wanna make you smile my lil goofy angel. your voice, your smile, your big beautiful brown eyes are one of the reasons i love you. you are my everything the one i care about. you are my lil sunshine that keeps me happy. i love giving you love every single day that's what i look forward to everyday. thank you for being there for me. you got me through all of it the ache of my heart and wiped my tears away. i would cross mountains, deserts, winters, snow to hug you and to make you happy. you don't deserve any hurting only love. you deserve so much love. oh ariana if only you know how much you impacted my life. you are the love of my life. i'll always hold your hand whenever you feel lonely, or scared. i'm always here. i just hope one day i can hug you so tight and tell you how much i love you. i would do anything to see you smile up n close. anyone who met her i'm so jealous of you man, you are so lucky and i hope you know that, i would do anything to hug her right now. my love for her will forever love unconditionally. i love you my lil angel. the one who suck all the loneliness from me and makes me smile n laugh i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you. @arianagrande n credit to @weneedhappiana :")

can we take a moment on how this cute lil picture is the definition of my life like wow hello i'm in awe whattt THIS IS SO CUTE I CANTTT. THIS IS LITERALLY ME I SWEAR. 😭 i mishu. @arianagrande

your smile gives my heartt the strength it needs everyday. words can't describe how in love i am with you. ariana everytime your feeling sad i'll be there whenever and wherever if your crying i will hug you so many times and make you laugh and smile. you make my life into this beautiful happy environment. your voice your smile your hair, your laugh, your cute lil dimple everything about you i am thankful for. you are the light of my life the one who pulls me away from the sadness in my life. your the only one who shows me strength to get up, and you hug me several times to make me happy. your light, your lil goofy laugh is one of things i adore so much about you YOUR LITERALLY DA CUTEST ANGEL EVERRRRR. the way you love us with all of your heart blesses me because i feel safe in your loving ora, your light filling happiness place. i feel like i'm home. i feel i can come in and always expect a smile on my face. you got me through everything. i've went through the hardest year of my life in 2017 but you were the only there to wipe away my tears and give me so much happiness n love HOW CAN I REPARE YOU YOU DONE EVERYTHING FOR ME. i'm here to love you unconditionally every single day of my life. you fill my eyes with love and brightness, and you fill my heart with your warm lovin ora. you mean the whole world to me ariana. to me your more than just a singer, your this angel who changed my life through your way of loving me and treating other with kindness and having passions to give this world as much love as it needs. you use your voice for so much good and kindness and LOVE. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU I LOVE YOU. nothing can separate us, even if angels wanted to take me to heaven i would want to stay here with you. because your my love my heart i cant leave you eva. our love is strong and will always live. you mean the whole world to me ariπŸ’“πŸ¦‹πŸŒ„ @arianagrande

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