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VladiSlava Galagan  I build this dream and never had a doubt. On my grind. 1996, 5'9. Russki 🇷🇺 Рашн вумэн


Kuban' power. Borscht-fed 👍Кубань ты наша Родина...😀

Россеюшка-матушка ❤😀

Motherland calls!

I had a chance to visit one of the biggest botanical gardens with flora and fauna in the world, Germany. That was so beautiful, I always feel very comfortable and at peace when surrounded by nature. Besides it never stops astonishing me how diverse and complex it can be. All these animals and flowers with trees are innocent and it's heartbreaking to watch it suffer and go extinct as a result of the human egoism. We've come a long way, yes. But let's remember: you cant eat money. If everything goes, so will we.
Take your kids to such places like this and teach them to live in harmony with this planet but not destroy it. I've put only a couple of pictures, I've got too many:)
Ботанический сад в Германии. Какая красота, не поверите. Вот если бы везде так в мире было. Без пластика, тонны мусора вокруг, в морях и на пляжах. Животный мир и человек должны жить в гармонии. Мы не на вершине пищевой цепочки а лишь часть ее. Если вымирание видов продолжится то и человеку не долго останется. Может тогда люди в конце концов поймут, что деньги нельзя есть? Но будет уже поздно
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I own it at any shape 😉 Basically 10 years apart
Фото 10 лет назад и в апреле 2018

Gonna start working on my website next month 💪😉
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Planet earth is our only home. To protect it we will need everybody on it to work together towards a common goal. And that goal is a planet that can continue to support life 🌍
vote.green/climate (link in bio)
#EarthDay #ProtectOurHome #LetsActTogether

I'm planning to do a photoshoot with these 😯 Spring in Prague ❤

It's biceps time, muthafuckaaaa!!! Time to grow a lil 😀💪I'm smoking dynamite

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