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Tina Tannehill  I AM, soulmate to one, Mom of 4, one of which has Angelman syndrome, scrappin, crafting, creative domestic diva!Obsessed with all things vintage!

As you leave...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Here's... the after for Dane's room update. I still have details to add.

When these plans only happen once every 3 years....YOU SHOW UP!

Oh pandora.... you knew exactly what I needed..... this is my message to you-oouuu!!!

When your father in law hears your van won't start due to a dead battery... he shows up gets old battery, exchanges it and installs the new one! Thank you so much dad.
Ps.... Jace was watching you like a hawk.

He stood here for a long time... just watching The world from the window. I heart him something fierce!

MILESTONE ALERT: look who's up and learned to push his own IV Pole. He quickly learned oh.... this is attached to me. This for me is amazing to watch... go bubba go! YES he's feeling better!

As long as I'm right here.... 😍 I wonder how long until we both don't fit. I have a feeling that's going to be never!

Welp!!! Weekend warriors struck again.... We decided it was long overdue to paint Dane's room. Look at those custom pieces of art behind the desk. That is a limited edition Dane Tannehill original created during his toddler years! He's not creating these anymore.... Last piece of babyhood is going, going.... gone. Moms are just weird like that.... all sentimental over the small stuff. Next up, big boy room for our special 7 year old baby.

One tomato, two tomato, three tomato..... four

You'll be great as a salad for our BBQ tonight and so much more!!!! Oh my yummy...get in my tummy! ❤💚💛❤️💛💚❤️

Garage cleaning with monkeys above on daddy's pull up bars!!!

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