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Every year when it comes to this date,
People everywhere will celebrate,
We will plan so nice so great,
But sure Tak jadi because we'll work late,
What to do? Need to put food on the plate.. Don't worry cuz tonight can still be great,
I quickly go home, cook rice cook egg,
To make it more romantic, hotdog I cut into love shape,
No wine? Don't worry, sirap will be adequate.

I don't buy you flowers I don't buy you chocolate please don't call me cheapskate,
My credit card only get points, no cash back no rebate,
See the price of roses my eyes also fully dilate.
No bonus la this year, everything also prorate
You want to eat lobster? Ok you man man wait.

But one thing that I can give you at any rate,
Is so much love until your heart inflate,
Love flowing at such a high rate,
Anything you do sure cannot concentrate.

Well this will be our 14th year together we celebrate,
Valentine's day where everyone gets a little more intimate,
Hoping our love will every year escalate,
To a level so high in the sky, to reach there people need to fly Emirates

To you I will forever gravitate,
With love that will never dissipate.

Love you @michelle_shiaa

2017. Done.


It's today it's today!
It's our big day!
Let's wine and dine!
Let's celebrate in a big way!

Stop your work!
Stop your day!
Step away from your desk!
And take a step into my sleigh.. Dare I say!
Don't disobey!
I have it all planned out!
Are you ready for a cabaret?? I'm on my way!
I'm not faraway!
You better come down!
And take your bouquet!

Champagne will spray!
A glass of chardonnay!
We celebrate tonight!
I swear it'll be the best Friday!

Traffic will be gay!
Cars at a dissaray!
But don't you worry,
With me by your side, it'll feel like just taking the valet!
At the end of the day,
At the end of this essay,
Fuh!! Our love will explode.
Just like Pompeii 😎

Arribba! Arribba! Andeley!
Happy 13th anniversary my baybayy!


Our expression when they said food and beverages are all unlimited free flow

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Some day I'll build you your own golden palace

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