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Viwan Hans  It's the hair

Welcome to chinatown

Everybody was Kung fu fighting~ #kungfusteam

That's my brother btw

Yumcha summore lah!! #kempentembakgagak2017

All FOXed up!

I don't care how fucked up today was, I'm happy cuz I'm wearing my new favourite shirt. #fuckimmashark

Months of work in this tiny thumbdrive. Boss it's up to you now.

Definitely the best bunch to go tripping with. Thank you. #thaiicedtea

Our first valentine year was when we were sixteen,
Countless chocolates, flowers, dinners and gifts was your heart I tried to win,
The scale of gifts to you didn't go bigger throughout the years as I would think,
But the love grew more to none of us could've imagine,

Many trials our relationship have gone through since it begin,
We overcome it all; problems, hardships, pressures, and sins,
No partnership will last this long without both sides digging in,
But your efforts tenfolds mine and you do it effortlessly with a grin.

Your will, your determination towards this relationship, surprises and impresses me,
Your love, your heart drives me,
Your dedication to this relationship humbles me.

Love notes and poems come easy,
But nothing compares to what you've put in to us, to me.

Happy valentine's day,
A wish a little slow, but nothing compares to how my heart stops when you're with me.

Here a picture of us at a location where they say wishes come true,
I silently made one. You.

Heart full of your love,
Adi Viwan Hans

Siam la

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