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Vivy Yusof  Co-founder of @fashionvaletcom and @theduckgroup. Blog proudduck.com πŸ“¬ida@fashionvalet.com


Going to mengaji class with keropok in one hand πŸ˜‚ #priorities #justlikemommy (Wearing @sereniandshentel clip and @aere kurung, both from @fashionvaletcom) #fvootd #mariamimanshah #sereniandshentel #wearaere

Thank you @utusanonline for the feature today on @tmw2018. I'm brainstorming ideas on activities for women in Malaysia that can impact everyone positively. Is there anything in your wishlist that you want me to focus on? #sissedangbuathomework #tmw18

If you’ve been in FV marketing team, you’d know how hard I am on them. I put high expectations and test their limits. Sometimes being confined in the office constantly can dampen our creativity, so last night we had a wild party at our place. Wild = flip charts and laptops. πŸ˜‚ #andchocolatecake @fashionvaletcom

When you’re feeling fabulous, and then Kak Siti texts you to buy toilet cleaner. πŸ˜’ #getityourselfkaksiti #potongstim

Dia single, sapa nak? πŸ˜‚ #silaemailresume #laterinboxfull

I'm sooooo biased but I swear this new Meringue dUCk range is πŸ’― and 1. #ducksversionofbawal (Wearing Semifreddo Meringue launched today @theduckgroup, @lapiz_malaysia sunnies, Poplook Premium for FV jumper @poplook, all from @fashionvaletcom) #fvootd #vivyootd #duckscarves #lapizmalaysia #poplook

Love this flower embroidery! #incaseyoudidntseemyflower πŸ˜‚
(Wearing Semifreddo Meringue launched today @theduckgroup, Poplook Premium for FV jumper @poplook, all from @fashionvaletcom) #fvootd #vivyootd #duckscarves #poplook

Even @fadzaanuar was impressed with how I got ready today; jumper, square scarf, sling bag and I'm out the door! #newyearsresolution #togetreadyfaster πŸ˜‚ (Wearing Semifreddo Meringue launched today @theduckgroup, @lapiz_malaysia sunnies, Poplook Premium for FV jumper @poplook, all from @fashionvaletcom) #fvootd #vivyootd #duckscarves #lapizmalaysia #poplook

When she realises that I'm the one with handbags and shoes πŸ’πŸ»#mariamimanshah #byedaddy (Wearing Semifreddo Meringue square @theduckgroup and Poplook Premium for FV @poplook, from @fashionvaletcom) #fvootd #duckscarves #poplook

Five minutes ago, she was still a baby in a swaddle! 😭😭😭#mariamimanshah #feelingemo #theygrowuptoofast

Dream big for yourself but life's more meaningful if you also dream big for others. Women should unite and pave the way for each other wherever possible. We're all in it together and want the best for each other. #noenvy #tmw18 @tmw2018

So proud to be selected as Ikon Wanita for Tahun Memperkasa Wanita 2018 that was launched by our Prime Minister and Ministers today. I am always passionate about causes for women and wanting women to be confident, knowledgeable and financially independent so I look forward to the activities throughout the year where we can work towards that goal together. And while doing that, still be a loving wife and mother to our families. It's not easy but together, we're stronger! Time for us to rise and not give any more excuses πŸ’ͺ#tmw18 #girlpower #thankgodforheels @tmw2018

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