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Vivy Yusof  Co-founder of @fashionvaletcom @theduckgroup. Reality show Love, Vivy Season 1 & 2 on Astro Ria. Blog 📬

I will concentrate after I take a photo first. #priorities #definitelynotstanfordmaterial 💁🏻

Missing the hectic week of KLFW, but left it feeling proud to say #iamhomegrown. Collection is sold out (restocked 3 times during KLFW!) but preorder yours asap on the @fashionvaletcom website. New drops are coming in throughout the year ❤ #iamhomegrown #areyou? 😜

Blogged about these two goons at New baby, new husband. ❤#imtheonlyonewithnothingnew #ishouldgetanewhandbag

Sign right there please. Making @fadzaanuar sign her off to marriage 😂 #scratchhead #totallyforced #thiswillbemariaminthefuture

En route to San Francisco now! Off to Stanford Business School to go be a student again. Hoping to come back and do Malaysia proud ❤💪🏻 #somuchreadingtodo #prayforvivy #ihavetoliveinadorm #prayforvivysomemore 😂

Airport bound. 🛫This #iamhomegrown tunic is completely sold out but we've opened for preorder on @fashionvaletcom so get yours tonight! #fvootd #vivyootd #duckscarves #fvbasics

Sorry for that puddle on the floor, that's my melted heart 😍 #mariamimanshah #shesaidmommynotdaddy #happiestdayofmylife

Annual FV buying team photo at KLFW. Not many know the hard work they do to not only curate all the brands on FV but also to manage them on a daily basis. What you see on @fashionvaletcom screen everyday is their hard work too. It's not easy managing people and always trying hard to do whatever they can for brands and putting out the best pieces for our customers, even though they sometimes don't get appreciated. So this is just an appreciation post from their ladyboss who always sees their love and passion. ❤Love you guys. #superemotional #jajaneedstobenddownforthisphoto #jajaneedstobenddownallthetime

Leaving KLFW halfway with a heavy heart this year because am going for a trip. I never miss! 😭 But will have these photos forever to remind me of how awesome this year's KLFW is. And how powerful the #iamhomegrown campaign is impacting a lot of Malaysians to love their country and local talents. A guy sitting next to me in a restaurant wore the Tshirt without even knowing about us (almost hugged him but refrained 😅). Thank you @klfashionweek for giving @fashionvaletcom a chance to be a part of this, and I can't thank the 60 icons enough for saying yes when I asked them to participate. Being a supporter of local brands, wanna wish all the best to beloved friends of FV @nuritaharith @aliabastamamkl @myapparelzoo @lana_kualalumpur @maatinshakir @yadotsa @pu3designs @cosryofficial @justin___yap @melindalooi @syomirizwagupta @afiqmofficial @jonathanliang_ @ezzatiamirakl @schmileymo @araredofficial @benuaclothing @rizmanruzaini @fiziwoo @myvariante @ddcollective @adila_long @sazzyfalak @tsyahmikl @tarikjeans whose shows I'm missing 😭Lastly, thanks to my FV superteam, you continue to amaze me with your creativity and hard work ❤#fashionvalet #klfwrtw2017 #iamhomegrown

Supporting @aere and @casseygan! Proud to see our local designers evolving all the time ❤
(Wearing @theduckgroup, @fvbasics shirt and @casseygan dress soon available at @fashionvaletcom) #fvootd #vivyootd #duckscarves #casseygan #klfwrtw2017

Proudly wearing @thaviathelabel for @airasia Runway Ready Designer Search finale. I'm sooooo proud to be a part of this; we literally brought all 10 ASEAN countries together to appreciate each other's fashion and culture. Last year's winner was Thailand and his collection will launch on @fashionvaletcom soon. This year, Vietnam took the title. Congratulations!!! @klfashionweek #fvootd #vivyootd #duckscarves #thaviathelabel #klfwrtw2017 #airasiarunway

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