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VIVOBAREFOOT Foot Shaped Shoes  Let your feet do their natural thing #LIVEBAREFOOT

Discover our #Vegan range!

We all know how hard it can be to find vegan-friendly designs that not only look good, but also feel great to wear and can stand the test of time.

Well look no further. Our vegan shoes are designed with sustainability in mind and perfected for feet.

The Gobi Eco Suede is one of our favourites, created using an average of 17 recycled bottles.

Every pair is naturally-shaped for happy toes that like to move freely. They’re made with an ultra-thin sole that’s highly durable and flexible, unleashing the sensory-circuitry that guides skilful, healthy movement.

Head to and search ‘vegan’ for the full range.

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Are you showing your feet enough love?

Wearing rigid, padded, tight or supportive shoes prevents the joints and soft tissue of the foot from articulating naturally.

This can cause a loss of strength and flexibility that leads to stiff, weak and often painful feet (If you wear pointy shoes, high heels or squashy trainers… this may sound all too familiar!). We’re sure you’ll agree that if you want to enjoy happy, healthy movement… you’re going to need happy, healthy feet!

So, we make shoes that free your feet to move as nature intended. Unleashing their supernatural potential, ready for you to enjoy strong, skilful and healthy movement.

Powerful feet, powerful you.

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What does wellness mean to you?

For us, it starts with your feet. The foundation of all movement. The first point of connection with every step of your journey.

Connect with each step and become more present in each moment, aware of your environment and your place within it. Strong, sensory feet guide a strong, powerful posture, aligning with a strong sense of self.

Powerful feet, Powerful you.

Let the journey begin.

@EmilyClareHill has helped guide our wellness journey. “Wellness to me is to live in a state of harmony within the self… from the physical, to the energtic to the mental body. To be in a state of wellness is for all three to be functioning in balance”. #Vivobarefoot #Livebarefoot #Connected #Wellness

Flexibility is an aspect of health that many of us neglect, according to The American College of Sports Medicine.

However, it’s important for us all to show our muscles some love if we want out bodies to enjoy a full range of healthy, happy movement.

It’s not just about being able to touch your toes… gently improving flexibility can help prevent injury from stiffened motion, increase circulation and improve posture.

And it’s the same when it comes to your feet! Rigid shoes can encourage the foot muscles to become stiff and over time can affect the way our whole body moves. By encouraging a full range of natural movement, the foot is free to stay strong and supple, ready support healthy, happy movement with every step.

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Picking up the pace off the beaten track?

The Primus Trail SG is designed for high traction over wet, muddy terrains. 'Cos if you're not gripping, you're slipping!

VIVO Elite Off Road Athlete Ola Nyberg makes it look effortless... #ZeroDrop #Livebarefoot #Vivobarefoot


VivoKids shoes let your kids’ feet splay, recoil and maintain the awesome running and walking gait most kids are lucky enough to be born with (but we then tend to lose over time). Help your small, wild people stay as close to barefoot as possible.


The human foot is a perfect design in an imperfect world.

Action-packed with all the in-built shock absorption and sensory technology you need, in a perfect world we’d all go 100% barefoot all the time.

Unfortunately, the risk of cuts and cold (and conventional etiquette!) means that many modern journeys call for a little added protection.

That’s why we aim to give you ‘the least shoe possible’. Minimal interference with natural movement and sensory feedback… just an ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole with extra grip.

#LIVEBAREFOOT #VIVOBAREFOOT #ZERODROP // Feeling inspired by the true barefoot adventures of supernatural mover @RokasMove

Form and Function.

The Namib Desert was developed in collaboration with some of the World's best austere environment instructors, ready to unleash the limits of your urban environment.

Stuart Goring was our man for the job. A professional expedition leader who has made bush craft his life's work was introduced to us by #VIVOBAREFOOT Ambassador and fellow wilderness expert, Ben McNutt of @WoodSmoke_ . Together we've worked to ensure that every detail of the Namib is highly functional, whilst maintaining all the credentials of a minimal shoe.

Stuart is a WGA (Wilderness Guides Association) level 3 in Tropical, Boreal Arctic (Sub Arctic Forest) and desert. Very few people in the world make the cut on all 3, so if anyone could help us create a high-performance boot, it was him. This collaboration marks the start of a line of exciting barefoot-adventure products to come (watch this space!). #LIVEBAREFOOT #ZERODROP


A WIDE, flat and foot-shaped shoe allows your toes (and crucially your big toe!) to provide a stable foundation for natural, healthy movement.

A THIN, puncture-resistant sole helps maximise the sensory feedback available to the brain from over 200,000 nerve endings in each foot.

A FLEXIBLE shoe allows all the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot to load, splay and recoil, putting a natural spring in your step.


It's Wednesday people!

This weekend's forecast… Camping with a high chance of adventure.

Tried and tested in nature, perfected for feet. The new Namib Desert Boot is the ultimate companion for seeing in those balmy spring evenings.

Developed for versatility, this design will take you from the sidewalk to the fireside without missing a step.


Featuring all the credentials of a steadfast exploration boot, refined for your urban environment.

The Namib Desert Boot uses the toughest, most breathable leather we could get our hands on, paired with a removable nylon ankle strap and heavy-duty laces to keep sand and nasties out.

The collar is lined with lightly-padded calf skin to assure optimum comfort through action-packed days of discovery.

Where would your barefoot adventure take you?


Built to withstand the Namibian Desert and developed in collaboration with some of the World’s best austere environment instructors.

The Namib desert boot is designed with desert-proof credentials. Featuring durability and resilience tough enough to venture off the beaten track whilst unleashing effortless barefoot freedom in your urban environment.


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