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A short holiday come to and end.
From met a blessed whole family, some old crazy friends, few sweet new friends, until cutie pie new nephews;
Experienced for the first time in my life being bridesmaid for one of lovely best friend's wedding;
Tried new challenging street food, famous local treats, well-known tasty drinks;
Walked and hiked through more than ten thousand steps in everyday, drenched all wet in a rain, exhausted from summer's sunlight, ran with all our mighty to catched the almost gone air flight and high speed rail train, cursed and shouted for gravity max tilt roller coaster, lack of sleep every night yet we threw a surprise bday party for one of our bitch.
And when we think that it's about to end, our trilogy has spread it wings to some sequels for long ass check-in queue bcause of server down, hand written boarding pass, loss luggage and disruption flight, then an encore that the bday bitch delete all pics from one camera. Lol
Can u ask for crazier adventure than this?

Happy birthday to this craziest lil bro 😗 stay inspired! Always keep in faith 🌟

"Happiness is inside all of us. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it." - Poppy, Trolls 🌷

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