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vivian tam ★  Enjoys dressing up, vintage shopping & hanging around beaches. for fashion-forward styling, download Style Counsel:


miss this beautiful city

Got that vampy glow ✨💉

hi it me

don’t have to ask don’t have to beg 💅🏽

Counting down the days 🙄✈️

I need @sarahbahbah’s art in my apartment.

I think I still~ know too many girls who are upset because they don’t look a certain way, or because their boys treat them like sh**** or they can’t find any redeemable qualities in themselves. It’s just so wrong. NOBODY can disrespect you unless you let them. Self love starts with you and everyone’s journey is different so don’t be so hard on yourself. ❤️ the thing I learned is that self love stems from you and positive people, so if your boy who claims he loves you yet criticizes you every chance he gets or makes you feel the slightest bit insecure— you don’t see it but he’s probabbbbbly the insecure one who ain’t shit lol. Not you. I’ve seen too many girls slowly become blinded & believing their worth from their S/O’s else’s actions & words. I hate seeing beautiful women dumbed down because of cowardly, sexualizing men. Thank you to brave women (and brave men) and don’t forget how important it is to self love ❤️

Summer car rides with my babe 😩📀


2018 will be fab 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 (ps- it takes a certain skill to walk on snow in 5inch heels...)

Brunch, because mimosas 🥂

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