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abalone, shark fin, sea cucumber, scallop, fish maw, crocodile tail, shark meat, hashima. collagen overdosing day, i think i will wake up with better skin for sho tml wahaha 🤪 #happytummy

sunny sunday happy brunch with family love 😙💖😙 #happyfamily #simplehappiness

happy birthday to my little cousin my little sister from another mother 🎂🎂 being an only child i never felt lonely for once, only cuz i have ur companion. thanks for being so good to me, teng me, care about me, although i am the elder one wahaha 😘😘 wish you always being so beautiful, not just your pretty face but also your kind heart which i am so thankful for 🙏🏻🙏🏻 love u million years xx

happy to welcome you home baby! 😗😗 as i have worked hard to deserve you, i will work harder so we can go more beautiful places and enrich the lifes of those we care! heng heng & the huat huat!! letz go! #phtan

happy birthday my love, seeing you smile for my small efforts and knowing you are always behind my back is more than words more than enough. thanks for being the best manager i can have in my life and i will continue to work hard to make you proud 💋💋💋 wish you more happiness success health to come to you and sun and haohao! love you all and thank you all 😙😙😙

you may forget about the world for awhile on days like this 🤩

working hard for something we don't care is called stress. working hard for something we love is called passion!! 💗💪🏻💗💪🏻
good morning new monday new week new month! ☀️☀️ #gogolds #gogoals #workahovi

wake up with determination & go to bed with satisfaction 💪🏻 good morning friday letz go, another fight hard day!! 💪🏻 #gogoals #gogolds #lovewhatido

thanks my xiao bunny for being with me through my happiest and worst times. although you were quite problematic but i still love you big big. cried for half a day cuz scrap car for the first time feels like shit 🤣 cuz my attachment is too strong. but ya 舊的不去新的不來 🤪 let’s all jiayou for a better tomorrow!! 💪🏻😆

had too much fun and laughters at my first 7th month dinner experience!! also my first time bidding and brought a kute 招財貓 back!! 😆 thankful and blessed for my most wonderful team, never been any happier 🙏🏻 💗💗 heng heng and the huat huat yeaaa!!! FTW SP-PHTAN!! 💪🏻💪🏻💰💰

good time with my love love boo boo 😘😘😘

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